How do Online Casinos Protect themselves from Cyber Attacks?

Online security is one of people’s biggest fears when using the internet. The potential trauma of having your passwords stolen and accounts hacked remains a constant anxiety for many.

Most social media sites and email platforms offer users two-step verification methods, to ensure their details are protected from hacking. But cybersecurity remains a constant concern in other parts of the web, including online casinos.

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As an industry that regularly handles money and personal data, online casinos are theoretically at constant risk of cyber attacks. But luckily, all leading brands have in-built security functions that can ensure the personal data of users is safe and secure.

You can find our review of the safest casinos over at . But before that, here’s our guide to the security basics that help protect users when playing casino games online.

DDoS Attack preventions

A Distributed Denial of Service attack, most commonly known as a DDoS Attack, are the most extreme form of cyberattack. Hackers aim to interrupt the flow of web traffic by flooding the server with multiple computer networks, using a “botnet” to overload the servers and gain control.

When applied to an online casino, this could mean that the earnings of everybody playing at any one time are confiscated by a team of hackers. There are several different ways DDoS attacks occur, but casinos have strident security measures in place to tackle each one.

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Many companies hire advanced experts in cyber security to monitor their traffic at all times, to determine the origin of any influx that appears suspicious. It’s a simple but effective way of ensuring these attacks don’t interrupt the gameplay and compromise the personal data of millions of players.

Secure payment

When targeting casino sites, hackers are usually after two things: money and personal data. This is why casinos offer users a variety of safe payment options, with all transactions performed via either bank transfers, credit/debit cards, cryptocurrency, or online wallets.

Both the casino and banking company you use are jointly responsible for the security of your data. The use of blockchain technology in cryptocurrency exchanges makes that arguably the safest of the above listed options, with some casinos even offering bonuses to users who pay with it.

Blockchain automatically detects if a hacker uses it, with seeing off the threat of hacker attacks in-built into its design. But all these options are safe; your bank tracks all your activity and will take steps to block your card if they see any suspicious transactions.

SSL Encryption

SSL protocols are help protect payment information and other personal data when making deposits and withdrawals in online casinos. The digital encryption technology essentially works to add an additional layer of security to all online transactions.

For example, if a user wants to transfer cash while playing at an online casino, they can do so thanks to the cryptography, with financial and personal data only accessible to the user. However, not all casino sites are legitimate, so make sure to do your research to ensure a site is safe and secure before playing.

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In most instances, you need to ensure the address includes “HTTPS://“ at the start before entering any payment information. Many malicious sites won’t have this basic encryption.

Additional steps for users

Every year, the leading casino brands will shell out millions on security measures, to ensure that they are safe from cyber attacks and don’t risk giving away the personal data of customers. But even though users should be reassured that casino sites are safe, this doesn’t mean that they should risk having no basic cyber security of their own.

In addition to ensuring that you are using a legitimate casino site (ie: a site which states its licensing agreement clearly), there are other crucial steps to ensure safety. Once you’ve ticked all these boxes, there are no barriers stopping you from playing.

For starters, ensure you’re using a personal, secure Wi-Fi network and not a public one for transactions. Suspicious sounding public networks can be used by hackers to steal your card information.

Additionally. only ever use your personal devices when transferring cash or playing games, to ensure you have maximum security. Your own phone, laptop or tablet are known to be secure – depositing money from someone else’s device is less so.

On the subject of devices, ensure all passwords are complicated ones with a mix of numbers, capital letters and symbols, never using the same password twice. If you’re using Safari as a browser, it will autofill a unique suggested password each time you use a new site.

And finally, ensure you do your research before using a site, to ensure that is safe and reliable.

If you’ve taken all these precautions, then combined with the site’s in-built security functions, you are safe to play.

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