The Best Steam Groups to Join

All of us are aware that what makes Steam the best gaming client is its community. Steam has a very massive and diverse community and millions of users log in to the client every day.

One way to interact with this community is through Steam groups. Of course, you can interact with other Steam users on the discussions tab too.

The discussions tab is great for talking about particular games or a few limited topics on Steam forums. But for topic-specific discussions, you must join a group.

In this guide, I will be suggesting 3 such Steam groups. You will find these groups to be very helpful and you too can contribute to them.

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How to join a Steam group

Joining a Steam group is very simple if you follow these steps.

Open the Steam client; on the top left, you can find options like Steam, Library, Community, and Username. Hover over your username and click on “Groups” from the drop-down list.

On the bottom left of Group windows, click on “Find a Group” and type the group’s name in the search bar. Click on the group and click on the “Join Group” button.

Public groups are available for everyone to join; private groups require the admin to approve you to join them.

Let’s now check out the 3 best Steam groups that every user must join

Steam Client Beta

Anything related to the Steam client can be found here. If you need to troubleshoot your client, need fixes for bugs, or are having trouble finding something within the client, you can ask here.

They also post regular updates regarding the Steam client. This is a public server that everyone can join and the group currently has around 326k members.

Steam Universe

A massive steam group where you discuss SteamOS, hardware, and the big picture mode. If you own a Steam deck or if you’re a fan of it, you must join this group.

They will post regular updates about Steam, hardware and so much other stuff. This, too, is a public group and has a staggering number of around 1.7 million members.

Here, you will also find the latest news regarding Steam, so make sure to join it to stay updated.

Steam Trading Cards Group

The biggest group from the entire Steam community that is active. It has a whooping number of 2 million members.

Just as the name suggests, here you can trade your Steam cards. Leveling up your Steam account by collecting trading cards is going to be super easy once you join this group.

You can find both buyers and sellers in this group, and you can also trade normal Steam items here.


These are currently the best Steam groups for you to join. Valve employees run all the groups I’ve mentioned, so they are safe to join.

Watch out when joining groups that promise free games and keys; make sure to research properly before joining such groups.

Your account will be at risk when you click on suspicious links in such spammy groups, so it’s better to stay away from them.

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