Which new Technologies will Influence the Online Casino Industry?

Technology continues to impact every single aspect of our lives. Without realising, we’ve become accustomed to work meetings on Zoom, apps that can do everything from helping us keep fit to paying rent, and the ever present voices of Siri and Alexa.

Even the things we do in our free time are dictated by technological advancements like never before. Take a look no further than the casino industry for proof.

Whereas the casino experience is traditionally thought of as a fancy evening at a roulette table, now dedicated apps have emerged to directly replicate the experience on our phones. This change has slowly occurred over the past ten years – and with online gambling overtaking the real thing in revenue, this is only going to accelerate further.

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Here’s our guide to the new technologies that will change the face of the most popular online casinos. For a more comprehensive review of the top 20 online casinos in the UK right now, check out BestCasinoSites.net

Virtual and Augmented Reality Experiences

Technology is already helping make virtual casinos as thrilling as the real thing to great effect. There’s a reason the revenue from online casinos has overtaken physical casinos – the digital experience is now just as exciting.

But there are already steps in place to take this to the next level, with virtual and augmented reality casino games being developed. The benefits of a VR casino game for players are numerous; no longer will people have to leave their house to play when they can just pick up a headset and be transported to a live casino environment with rival players.

However, virtual reality is yet to take off in the way experts a decade ago predicted, with many citing the costly nature of the equipment and the lack of socialising between players as crucial factors for this. This is why augmented reality may be the real next step forward for online casinos.

Augmented reality essentially takes virtual elements and overlays them in our current world. This doesn’t necessarily require the use of headsets – Pokemon Go became a cultural sensation via its straightforward mobile app, and casinos could still go the same way.

These developments are still not likely to be available for consumers for another few years, but they have the potential to fully replace the physical casino experience altogether when released.

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Back in 2017, casino game developer Microgaming unveiled the first smartwatch that allowed the wearer to effortlessly play slot games online. As more people take part in mobile casino games, it’s clear that consumers are desperate to play while on the move, and gambling apps exclusively for smartwatches could soon become a regular sight.

Progress on this has been slow since that groundbreaking development four years ago. While many casino sites have dedicated apps for smartwatches, in many cases their only function is alerting the user with a general notification about their account.

However, there is still hope, as that innovative design showed that it was easier to access casino games on your wrist than your phone, with in-built functionality to let you play on the move. If you wanted to roll the dice, all you needed to do was flick your wrist.

It’s not the smartwatch casino apps don’t exist, with several smaller brands allowing you to play slots on the move. But the giants of the industry are still not utilising the technology, meaning that it is still yet to take off in popularity.

This could prove to be a key area of growth in coming years, with smartwatches remaining a must have gadget.


Transactions on leading websites are already secure – there’s a reason millions of people feel comfortable returning to play time and time again. Many believe that cryptocurrency, or digital money, is even safer thanks to the blockchain technology that makes for quick and reliable transactions.

Many brands have already allowed users to pay via cryptocurrency, with some even offering bonuses to players who opt to pay via this method. Of course, standard currencies are unlikely to be removed from platforms, but there are clear reasons why many are moving to pay with crypto when it comes to security in online casino games.

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The blockchain system automatically records all operations that are performed. Put simply, this means that transactions and settlements between players and casinos are transparent.

This is unlikely to be manipulated, as the blockchain system is near impossible to be hacked. This gives players protection across online platforms, ensuring they can’t be targeted by scammers.

Crypto won’t overtake traditional currency in its use, but it looks set to stick around for its security and ease of use.

There are already several technological advancements in place to help make the casino a more realistic experience, from interactive table games with live dealers to cutting-edge 3D graphics. The above developments are set to enhance this even further.

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