How You Can Fix YouTube App Black Screen Issue? (Easy Method)


There is a very serious issue with the app of the YouTube mobile and i have never seen any kind of issue before, but in recent times when was using the app of the YouTube mobile on the Android smartphone of mine, there was a problem which i faced which was YouTube black screen with audio. I’ve tried the method of clearing the app data and also tried to cache with settings of the phone but this problem was still not resolved.

youtube app black screen

If you’re experiencing an identical downside along with your YouTube mobile app, the strategy below can solve your downside. I search through internet and for this issue; however don’t get the answer, all individuals in communities and forums which are asking solely to clear app knowledge, install the app; however I couldn’t notice the proper answer.

YouTube black screen android fix

This is a problem which could not really be within the app of YouTube, due to the fact that when I tried to clear the app data or even i tried to reinstall the complete YouTube app, this is a problem which was still not resolved. Then i thought that the problem could be within the Android smartphone of mine, so then I just tried to open an app for web browser and did go to the official website, and the video that i tried to watch was broadcasted in the web browser. I just tried to restart my complete device and what i found was that the YouTube app did start to work normally again.

Therefore i found that the solution to the issue which is YouTube only audio no video android is just to restart the device of yours. It does apply to both the Android as well as the iOS devices.

You can even try to clear up the YouTube app data which is in the phone settings, but you should only try it when the method of device restart does not work for you.

If this is a problem which did appear on the computer browser of yours, you do not have to restart your whole computer, you just need update the browser of yours to the version which is latest and further restart your application from your browser.


This was the complete solution to your problem YouTube black screen with sound. It is not a major issue and you don’t need to worry about it a lot as it can be fixed very easily and you just have to follow the method which we have mentioned above in which article.

I hope this article was helpful to you and if you have any kind of suggestions then you can mention them in the comment down below and if you have any kind of questions then you can mention them in the comments as well. Also you can let us know if you have any other better solution for this issue as well.