11 Fascinating Facts About Space

Space, one of the most undiscovered and mind-boggling areas, excites our human race! Its incredible vastness, littered with millions of galaxies and objects the likes of which we’ve never seen. There is more than one aerospace company in UK that is working on reducing the cost of rocket launches. So, let’s discover some exciting, interesting, and scary facts about space!

1. Total Silence

Because there isn’t any atmosphere in space, there is no way for sound to travel around. Incredibly, astronauts are still able to talk, even without any air. Radios are key to communication as the frequency of radio waves can be sent and received.

2. Life on Mars May Exist

Yes, the subject of many sci-fi films may be true after all! Out of all of the planets in our solar system, Mars is a contender for being the most hospitable to life. NASA has found remnants of fossils and evidence of water and microscopic life on this planet.

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3. The Hottest Planet Is 450°C

Venus is a scorcher! Who would have known that a planet in our solar system could have this average surface temperature? Mercury is technically closer to our Sun than Venus, but it doesn’t have an atmosphere, and so its temperature is prone to wild fluctuations.

4. Neutron Stars Spin 600 Times a Second

These stars are by far the smallest and densest in our universe, with a radius of just 6 miles. After they form from collapsing supernova stars, they launch into action and rotate over 600 times a second. Exciting facts about space!

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5. Moon Footprints Will Stay for Millions of Years

One hundred million, to be exact! There is no atmosphere on our Moon, making it impossible for any wind to erode a footprint, nor is there any water to wash one away. All of those astronauts that have been there will have their mark registered for many millions of years. This is definitely one of those unusual space facts to tell your friends.

6. A Day on Venus Is Longer Than Our Year

The slow rotation of Venus around our Sun means that it takes a whopping 5832 earth hours to complete a full orbit. This is incredibly slow compared to our 24 hours. Imagine how old we’d be if we were born on Venus!

7. The Milky Way Will Collapse… in 3.75 Billion Years

You may have heard of the Milky Way — the solar system we live in. Unfortunately, we only have a few billion years left. After this, our Milky Way will collide with the Andromeda Galaxy, which is traveling at us at over 100km a second. It just goes to show how large the universe is.

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8. Two Touching Pieces of the Same Metal Will Bond in Space

Talk about weird space facts! Cold welding happens when the atoms in the pieces of metal don’t know that they are separate, leading to a fusion. The interesting thing is that there is no molten or liquid in the joint itself.

9. Water Floats in Space

Scientists have located a water vapor cloud holding over 140 trillion times the water we have on Earth. It’s about 10 billion light-years away. Our largest discovery of water in space as of yet!

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10. The Sun’s Mass Is Nearly All of Our Solar System

Over 99% of the mass of our entire solar system is taken up by the Sun alone. This is over 300,000 times that of Earth. It’s a shocking fact!

11. Volcanos Are on Mars

Researchers have found a 13-mile tall volcano on Mars, and this height is much larger than our largest 5.4-mile peak of Mount Everest. It’s the highest peak on any planet in our solar system.

Incredible Space Facts

Now that you’ve got a taste of some cool space facts, be sure to share them with the people you care about. You’ll undoubtedly excite any conversation! Whoever knew how interesting space facts could be? Hopefully, in the not-too-distant future, we’ll all be able to pay a visit to the great unknown and see the many wonders of the universe with our own eyes.

Do you have any space race facts you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below.

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