7 Alternatives to YouTube Music

The modern digital space is developing at a record pace. Some applications are rapidly reaching their peak of popularity, while others are content with a modest army of subscribers.

In 2020, Google shut down its Google Play Music app and encouraged users to move their audio library to the more in-demand YouTube Music app. This is a good decision.

On YouTube, music search is one of the most popular search destinations. The new application has inherited the useful functionality of Google Play Music.

In particular, users can download the tracks they like and listen offline.

The YouTube platform has a clear competitive advantage – a large number of music tracks that are not available on other services.

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You don’t need to have an account and register to listen to music. However, in the ranks of music lovers, alternative platforms are more popular. Here’s why.


Spotify is the best music streaming service in the world. A set of powerful algorithms generates recommendations based on user preferences.

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The application has desktop and mobile versions. The free version has restrictions on skipping tracks and a lot of ads. The Premium version costs $ 9.99 per month and offers unlimited possibilities:

  • Listening to tracks and radio stations without ads.
  • Music download and offline mode.
  • Availability of podcasts.

Spotify has one clear flaw: underground and alternative music is impossible to find, but YouTube does.


Looking for rare performers? SoundCloud has a great collection! At the moment, this is the only service that can compete with YouTube for this indicator. There is also a lot of free music and podcasts here.

In the paid version, the developer provides the best sound, no ads, access to the full track catalog and offline mode.

The Soundcloud archive is about one petabyte of music, including recordings that are not found anywhere else.

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Soundcloud is very easy to use for both musicians and listeners – it is convenient here both to search for music in a specific genre and to stumble upon something completely unusual.

The company has paid services, but they are quite unobtrusive: for example, a free account allows you to download up to three hours of audio, and for an unlimited account you need to pay only 9 euros per month.

Apple Music

Has similar functionality to Google Play Music, including downloading tracks. Apple Music has over 60 million songs in its audio library.

You can listen to music on-demand, turn on radio stations and subscribe to your favorite artists. In the desktop version, over 100,000 songs can be loaded into the device’s memory.

In the paid version ($ 9.99 per month), the user is provided with a number of premium options:

  • Access to the entire Apple Music catalog.
  • Downloading tracks and listening in offline mode.
  • Sync your audio library with iCloud.
  • Skip radio stations without restrictions.
  • Content rating (comments, likes) in AppleConnect.
  • Access to personalized Apple Music recommendations and playlists.


A unique feature of TIDAL is the ability to listen to music in Hi-Fi format. None of the competing services can boast of this. You can create your own playlists, listen to music offline, and stream tracks in 16-bit FLAC 44.1 kHz or 24-bit MQA 96 kHz. TIDAL is a music lover’s dream.

The service has a limitation: you won’t be able to upload your music. The application’s audio library contains over 70,000 recordings, exclusive releases, interviews, and music videos. The paid version with no ads costs $ 9.99 per month.

Amazon Music

Music streaming platform and online music store. The service library contains over 60 million tracks. The service supports streaming in 24 bit and 192 kHz. The paid Amazon Music Unlimited subscription costs $ 7.99 per month.

Ready plan – $ 79. When purchasing the premium version, the user gets access to an extensive catalog of tracks, the latest releases, new genres and styles. Besides digital shopping, Amazon Music also offers music streaming.

Benefits of the paid version:

  • Access to 2 million songs ad-free.
  • Millions of podcast episodes.
  • Thousands of stations and best playlists.
  • Unlimited skips and offline listening.


Qobuz is a new streaming service and a decent alternative to YouTube Music. Today the app is available only in 12 countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, UK and USA.

Qobuz clearly competes with TIDAL and works tirelessly to improve sound quality.

The service’s audio library contains over 60 million songs. Many songs are recorded in FLAC format, the rest are in 24-bit and 192 kHz format. You can purchase a subscription or buy individual tracks.

Available to download your tracks and work offline. Qobuz is not only about music content: there is a lot of information about artists, articles, interviews, and copyright playlists published.


Jamendo is a free service to find independent and underground artists. The application features a concise and uncluttered interface and allows royalty-free music downloads. There is a drawback: Jamendo cannot be connected to a Chromecast.

Benefits of a free account:

  • Play tracks on all kinds of devices without any restrictions.
  • Quality playlists carefully curated by music experts.
  • Hundreds of music genres.
  • Subscription to performers.
  • Create your own playlists.
  • Large community with 3,500,000+ members.

YouTube Music has many decent alternatives. Tired of ads and just want to enjoy your music? Looking for alternative music and developing your musical taste?

Looking for an app where you can listen to podcasts, read articles, and communicate with the community along with tracks?

YouTube Music and the services mentioned above will cater to any request. Choose the application based on your preferences and expand your musical horizons!

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