Apps You Must Have If You Want to Stay Safe This Summer

Smartphone security goes way beyond the typical antivirus software people usually have in mind when discussing it. Since there are a lot of additional ways through which you can bolster it by a significant margin, there is no reason to succumb yourself to such a limited way of thinking.

Moreover, the apps that we’re about to suggest won’t contribute a lot towards depleting the battery life on your Android phone or draining its resources, so there’s no reason not to have them installed on it:

1. Password manager

Using identical passwords everywhere just because you can’t be bothered with remembering different ones? Then you’re giving the hackers a free pass into your accounts. As soon as one of them gets hacked, all of the others are in immediate danger.

If only there was a way that encompasses the best of both worlds, right? Well, a password manager pretty much fits the bill. You’re still using a master password, but it’s applied on your local machine, meaning that every online account you access through it can have a different password without you having to remember them one by one.

2. App locker

Do you have the habit of storing sensitive data inside apps? For example, the Gmail app not only makes it possible for someone to access your emails but also your contacts.

An app locker is handy to have; compared to the main screen locker, you can apply it to individual apps only, ensuring that you are the only person who’s authorized to open them.

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3. App permission modifier

Not sure whether you’ve granted permission too many to one of the apps that rest on your smartphone? An app permission modifier lets you review these and change your mind if you deem it necessary.

As the case may be, too many apps take the liberty of asking for the kind of permissions that are not essential for their core functionality. Since your privacy is always at stake, you may choose to revoke some of these on a case-per-case basis.

4. VPN

There’s nothing more relaxing than sipping a cup of latte at your favorite coffee shop. Well, as you’re enjoying your drink, hackers may be on their way toward infiltrating your smartphone by leveraging the unsecured Wi-Fi connection you’ve established.

A VPN, on the other hand, lets you use such Wi-Fi networks without worries of ever being compromised, as everything you transfer through the web is encrypted while you have it enabled.

5. Activity monitor

Monitoring network activity and the use of your phone’s resources is one of the better ways to tell if something is amiss. Malware often disguises itself as a legitimate process that’s running on your phone, but hogs up the lion’s share of its resources.

Either that, or it establishes a connection with the developer’s server to transfer your personal data behind your back. An activity monitor allows you to take a step beyond the typical antivirus software and see what’s going on behind the curtain.

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6. Cloud storage app

Making regular copies of your files is considered a good practice when it comes to cybersecurity. That way, even if a hacker or a piece of malware wipes away your data, you’ll be able to access it by connecting to your personal cloud server.

As such, cloud storage is an essential app to have in your repertoire that grants you much-valued peace of mind. As an added benefit, a cloud storage app also does all the heavy lifting when it comes to syncing your files across all your devices.

7. Device finder

Last but not least, don’t forget that physical threats to your device are just as prominent as digital ones. With this in mind, have you already composed a plan regarding what to do in case your smartphone is lost or stolen? A device finder not only reports its coordinates at any given time but also allows you to lock it remotely.

Should you choose to, you can also proceed to wipe all the data that’s resting on it without needing to have the device in your hands. This is a drastic measure, but a powerful one that’s bound to ensure that your data never falls into the wrong hands.