Solve the Sim not Provisioned mm#2 Error with [Easy Methods]

In recent times we humans have actually witnessed a lot of development in the field of technology. There has been actually a lot of advancement in recent times.

The main thing behind this is technology. Nothing has contributed more than technology.

Our lives have become reliant on technology that is technological gadgets in many different ways. Technology has changed us a lot in many different ways.

 Technological Gadgets

These days there is so much hype of these technological gadgets. This is not just hype. It is actually a very real thing that is evident from past things as well.

Everyone is carrying gadgets related to technology with them.

Although there are a lot of gadgets which are used by a lot of people. But the most important and the most common that we all use is mobile phones.

Mobile phones are so common these days that even small children are having their own cell phones.

Issues with Mobile Phones

Now the thing is that everything is not flawless. Issues always occur with gadgets and mobile phones are no exception. There are issues with mobile phones as well.

The one error which is very common in mobile phones these days is sim not provisioned mm#2 error.

This is a very basic error and a very common one as well. This error is basically related to the Sim card.

As we all know a sim card is the most important part of mobile phones.

So that is why this sim not provisioned error is needed to be solved.

This Error is Irritating

Now the real issue is that this error is really frustrating which is not because of its severity but because of the consequences of this sim not provisioned mm#2 error.

The main irritating factor is that because of this error one can not even make the calls which are an important thing to do on mobile phones these days.

So this error or the issue is really frustrating for the user.

What Causes This Error?

Now it is important to discuss the factors which cause this problem. The factors of this lie in the question of what does sim not provisioned mm# 2 mean.

So let us discuss them in brief here so that you can get some idea about this error.

  • This sim card not provisioned error occurs when the Sim card is not activated by the user. This thing happens when the sim card is new. In such a scenario one can wait for this error to be resolve as this issue will take time to resolve but it will be solved after sometime itself only. The only thing you can do here is waiting only.
  • The other reason for this error could be that your sim card is deactivated by your service provider. The thing could be that you had requested a sim card change from the other service provider and because of that old provider had deactivated your sim card. This could be another possible reason for this sim not provisioned mm2

So these are the reasons which are possible for this error.

How to fix this issue?

Now coming to the most important and main discussion of this article. Now we have come to the part of fixing this problem. We will now talk about how to fix sim not provisioned mm#2 error.

We will talk about it in detail.

So there are a lot of different ways to solve this issue. We have got into the main complexities of this issue. Now it is time to talk about the methods to solve this issue.

Here are the following ways through which you can solve this issue.

1. Restart your device

This is the most basic method to solve this issue and the most important one as well. Actually this method works well all the time and this problem is no exception as well. Restarting the device can help a lot in solving this issue.

The main thing is that restarting helps in deleting the boot memory of the device which is a good thing to do to solve this problem. Restarting also removes any basic error in the device instantly.

It is a very simple and easy method to perform. So that is why it is really common among the people. It is the most basic and obvious step to execute.

Restarting always helps and most of the time it works here as well. So start with the most basic thing and try this method to solve this sim not provisioned mm#2 error. Probably the problem will get solved easily.

2. Approach the Service Provider

This is also a very basic method to solve this problem of sim card not provisioned error. The method is that you contact your service provider of the sim card.

This will be really helpful as the service provider is having all the information about your sim card. They can activate or deactivate your sim card at any time.

This technique will be really useful. You will get to know about the problem for future reference as well which will make things easy for the next time.

This is a great way to get help for the sim card not provisioned error. The method is really easy to perform as well. Try this first always before trying anything new.

3. Adjustment of the Sim Card

Actually all the methods to solve this problem are really basic and easy to perform as well. This method is no different as well.

  • To solve the issue you can adjust the sim card properly by removing the sim card and putting it in the slot again.
  • To perform this method you need to do the most basic things.
  • First of all switch off the mobile phone.
  • Then open the back lid of your mobile phone and remove the sim card and after adjusting it put it back in the slot.
  • Then restart the phone and check out if the problem is occurring even now as well.
  • This method will work for the majority of the time.

Start with these basic things all the time to resolve this issue.

4. Port The Sim to a New Service Provider

This method can also be tried if there is no progress made with the issue. You can port your sim to a new service without changing your number of older sim cards.

This is the new benefit of this method. The method is worth giving a try. Most of the time when the issue is not resolved by the current service provider then we move to the service provider and then things work well for us.

So these are the most important and basic methods to solve this sim card not provisioned error.

We might have missed some methods but these are the most important and common ones.


Problems inevitably are going to occur with the sim cards. It is best to solve this sim card not provisioning error at the earliest.

We have listed down all the methods to solve this issue of sim card, not provisioning error. Read this method in detail.

So try using these methods as these are really simple and easy methods to perform. Moreover, all these methods work as well. It is a good thing.

This sim card not provisioned error is not a big one and can be solved easily by using the above-mentioned methods.

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