Common iOS Problems You Can Fix by Yourself

iPhones have become a darling to many because of their amazing features, software, and hardware. iPhones, being technological gadgets, sometimes develop issues that happen immediately after purchase or after some time of use.

These issues are common to all other types of phones. Several problems come with iPhones, which you can solve by yourself. Others are a bit complicated and require a professional phone technician. In this article, we will discuss six problems that you can fix by yourself.

Camera Not Working

If it’s not physical damage, then your iPhone camera needs to be working every time unless its software is causing it not to. If it’s not physically damaged, you can quickly solve this issue by going into the camera settings; instructions then turn the camera on. This hack will solve problems caused by the camera turned off by software.

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If it doesn’t work, you can try iPhone troubleshooting as a solution. If troubleshooting doesn’t work too, then the problem might be complicated, or there is an issue with the hardware. With such, you need to take your iPhone to a trusted dealer and get it fixed. If it has a warranty, get it to the store you bought it.

Damage Caused By Water

Most high-end phones nowadays come with a water-resistant feature. But not all. As we all know, most electronics do not go well if exposed to water, and some end up damaged. What happens to your best iPhone if it gets into the water?

Before giving up, you can check on this solution and see if it can work. Please take out your iPhone from water immediately, wipe it out with a tissue, and switch it off. Get a cup of rice and submerge your iPhone on the container containing rice and leave it for a day.

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The rice will suck out the water out of your iPhone. If you are a bit experienced, you can open the covers and suck the water out. If it works, well and good but fails, you need to seek advanced services from an expert. 

Touchscreen Not Working

Have you ever tried navigating through your iPhone screen without response? If so, then check the solution here. First, check if the screen is showing well or if it’s blank. If it’s blank, you can try restarting your iPhone and see if there is any hope of turning on.

If this fails, try charging it, maybe the battery is low. With these two trials, most iPhones do restart. If it doesn’t, then that’s a hardware problem and may need an expert. If they fail too, you need to contact Apple. It can get fixed for free. If not, you have to pay to have a screen replaced.

Failing To Back Up Data

iPhones always backup their data to iCloud. If that fails to happen, then there is a problem that needs to be solved immediately to avoid losing data. First, you need to check if your iCloud storage is full. If it is, try deleting some unnecessary data to free some space.

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These might include different types of mobile games, apps, music, among others. If you still have space and are not backing up the data, check if there are any phone updates and try to implement them. 

When all of the above steps have failed, you can check the network settings and try to reset them by visiting Settings-General then Reset-Reset Network Settings. Once done, your phone might back up without any issue. If the problem persists, consult your phone technician.

Lost Data

Lost data is one of the most traumatizing experiences for someone who depends on their phone for storage. But don’t get depressed yet. There is a solution. Most people have suffered such malfunction and have found ways to get away with it. If you have an iCloud backup, sync your device to your iCloud account and recover your backed data.

You can perform this syncing overnight to give your phone enough time while you are asleep. If data isn’t on iCloud, then there is a reason to get worried. But before that, contact your iPhone center. 

iPhone damages and problems can be devastating since they always remind someone of getting a new phone and suffering a loss of the current. There are tons of tips you can use to recover your phone before giving up. Before concluding, ensure you seek help from Apple centers near you. We hope tips/advice on this article will be of great help to you.

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