How to Install & Use Discord on PS4 | Get Discord On PS4

If you are still using Discord on your mobile or desktop, it’s time to take it to the next level.

It’s time you get discord on PS4. Those who love to enjoy games on PlayStations, having discord on PS4 will make your gaming experience a lot better.

How Do You Get Discord On PS4?

Discord app is very popular amongst gamers. Gaming can be more fun if you have it on PS4. But can you get discord on PS4? 

As a matter of fact, Yes, you can get it on PS4 and have a new level of gaming.

When you have a PlayStation party chat on PC and the audio features of discord, it becomes the gamers’ paradise.

Discord is an app that can be installed not only on your PC but also on PS4 consoles.

Well, the good news is, you don’t need to wait for the PS4 Discord to launch in the market. You can get it right away on your PlayStation.

Setting up Discord on PS4 Consoles

Getting discord on your PS4 console is an easy job. You just need the proper equipment and install the app.

Equipment needed for PS4 discord.

  1. An A40 TR Headset or similar with an optical cable and USB connection support.
  2. Mixamp Pro or similar device to switch audio in between your PC and PS4 console.
  3. 3.5mm Male to Male cable.
  4. 3.5mm Aux Splitter Cable.
  5. 3.5mm to 3.5mm with Volume.
  6. The desktop version of Discord.

Get discord on your PC from its official website: Different versions of discord are available there to suit different operating systems like Windows or Linux.

After you have the equipment, let’s move on to how to get discord on PS4.

Steps to Getting Discord On PS4

  1. Install discord on your mobile or PC and create an account.
  2. Open the browser on your PS4 console.
  3. Search “Discord” on the web-browser of PS4.
  4. Accept the web version of discord by clicking OK and then sign into the discord account by putting your account details and password.

In 4 easy steps, you now have access to discord on your PS4.

How to Use Discord on PS4?

You have installed discord on your PS4, now the question is how to use Discord on PS4? Using it on PS4 is as simple as using discord on your PC.

Just follow these steps-

  • Use optical cables to connect the Mixamp Pro TR and PS4 for audio switching.
  • Go to the PS4 “Setting” option and open “Sound and Screen”.
  • From the Sound settings page go to “Audio Output Setting” and change the “Primary Output Port” to the “Optical Digital Output” option.
  • Use the USB cable to connect the base station one end and your PC on the other.
  • Open the Discord app from your PC and got to “Settings” to make Mixamp your input device from the “voice settings” option.
  • Connect your PS4 with the speaker using the recommended 3.5mm audio jack and run it from your PC speakers.
  • From the discord app on your PC make changes in the output device in the voice settings. Make the PC speakers as the main output device now.

Running these steps will enable the voice option on PS4. Now you can successfully enjoy PlayStation Game and talk freely simultaneously.

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Enjoying the PS4 Party on your PC

PlayStation Party chart is a special feature a gamer enjoys by having voice chat with fellow players or friends while they are on a multiplayer game.

This feature allows you to share screens and have a word with others while the game is still on.

Now that you have discord on your PS4 and your PC is connected with PS4, you can also enjoy PS4 party chats on PC.

How can you join the PS4 party chat from your PC?

Follow these 5 steps and enjoy the world of PlayStation party chat on your PC-

  1. Download the software called “PS4 Remote Play” on your PC.
  2. Use this software to log in to your PSN account.
  3. Turn on the PS4 console.
  4. Connect with the party chat option from the PC.
  5. Let the Remote Play software for PS4 run in the background for access to Party chat.


Now that you know how to connect your PS4 and PC, get discord and party chat on each of the devices, its tome you enjoy the game.

Make it interesting with great sound effects available on discord.

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