10 Best Voice Changer Apps for Discord [Troll Like a Pro]


Discord can be defined as a chat application that is based on VoIP technology for instant image, text, and voice communication among people. No doubt it was particularly developed to stand as an instant application for a chat amidst the gamers resulting in the communication of tactics in between the active game sessions. And it has turned out to be remarkably popular.

The majority of the Discord users prefer installing apps that support voice changing which changes the voice in real-time. The gamers can sound just in case if it is a youngster, a kid, or even the opposite gender talking. Hence giving them a little privacy they need while gaming.

The takeaway from this article is that there are now ample apps to choose from. Standing as one of the strongest voice changers for discord.

Let’s take a look at them

1. Voicemod

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Download App for: iPhone/iPad

An application that has some of the best looks and is a great voice changer and an alternative to discord. There are dozens of exciting new filters just in case if you wish to change your voice into robotic one then this is something you need to be looking at. Additionally, it is pretty simple to use and it’s free of cost too. A great discord voice changer though.

Moreover, the application works perfectly for Twitch, TeamSpeak, Skype, OBS, etc. It being free of cost is the reason why people love it so much and it works perfectly fine with the latest OS and has great compatibility with some of the most recently released games like League of Legends, Fortnite, etc.

While installing it there are a few prompts that you need to check with the Voice configuration of Discord. A remarkable voice changer discord application.

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2. Clownfish Voice changer

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A perfect voice modulator for discord. Clownfish Voice changer runs perfectly on all the variants of Windows OS and is unique as it offers an entire system voice modification. Hence working in the background and will alter the audio from any sound that the computer is about to make.

The major highlight is that it surpasses the Discord just like that. It blends easily with other applications that support voice chat on Skype or in-stream. Nothing to be surprised as this one is free too. Some of the voice pitches that could be applied are female pitch, alien pitch, radio pitch, male pitch, kid or adult pitch, etc.

3. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

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A free voice changer for discord, AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is something not everybody will prefer as it costs some money. Just leaving that it stands as the number one choice of the most powerful and preferred sound altering tools which are available in the market ready for use.

That is due to it being available with pitches more than just type of your normal voice. It can allow you to edit, chop, pitch, and so on. Similar to the other applications it works perfectly fine with the globally known apps for voice stream such as Twitch, Skype, Stream, and other voice over internet apps online or offline. Some of the best voice changer for discord.

4. Voxal Voice Changer

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Yet another real-time voice changing application which is very easy to use and easily customizable by the users. It also comes with a free variant with some essential functionalities in the checklist and also there is a premium version that is a little pricey but has some great voice effects for discord.

Not to forget there are some absolute mind-blowing presets which are inclusive of the voice pitches for girls, boys, adults, robots and the list is endless. It works great on the already existing pre-recorded files available to use tool for editing the files just in case you need it.

But its user-friendly design makes it easy to use for the first-timers. Hence it stands apart from all the other applications that are designed with a similar purpose. Such features make it a major highlight and worth the look among the best voice changer applications.

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5. MorphVOX Jr.

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No doubt there are ample good enough reasons why MorphVOX Jr. is a smart choice in every aspect concerning all the attributes it boasts of being the best. As it uses some great and very smart algorithms and is of great quality while using the least CPU memory.

This directly means that it performs exceptionally well and can work smoothly in the background while creating the least burden on the system memory. You can have all that in a fancy looking package that is just topping on the cake.

The other feature loved of the application most is that it keeps learning from the original voice so to develop a great sound file of highest quality There are 2 variants out of which the Jr version comes for free and the premium version comes for $40.

6. Voice changer with effects

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There are tons of voice modifications available for Android and windows as most of them are free of cost. It is not just humble but small in size but a lot of fun to be honest. Just in case you wish to sound as though you have inhaled helium from a balloon or a penchant just like an extraterrestrial. Then this is the application to download to the smartphone or computer.

It allows the feature of getting your voice recorded and then applying the voice filters to the file with any respective preset you prefer. Hence modifying the file as per your wish later share it on applications such as Whatsapp, Discord or even Facebook. No doubt it is a fun application to use and get a hang of it so you need to try it to see for yourself.

You will be surprised to know that there are over 50 million downloads on the Google PlayStore. So you can imagine how popular it is among the masses.

7. Super Voice Changer

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A furthermore name to be added in the list of the most lucrative and contemporary apps developed for changing voice for the VoIP chat apps such as Skype, Twitch, Line App, WhatsApp, etc.

It keeps running in the background and awaits the command for you to launch the app and then apply any changes in the preparation or readied file on the computer. Hence simply explaining that the application can be used over other popular voice chat apps.

The moment you launch the application you can come across a list of great sound templates that are unique or rare to be found on the other applications such as male preset, sweet girl, manly voice, snugged voice, robot, or an alien voice preset, etc. An application that allows so much to be done with no additional cost is simply going to rule over all other applications designed with a similar intention. It’s worth trying.

8. RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

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Download App for Android

Love robots? Most of the people love them and the voice they have isn’t it? RoboVox Voice Changer is a great application to take a look at. As it is not just a simple and fun app to try with no cost to pay up for android and computers. It runs perfectly by taking the file in its software which could be applied by the pre-included 32 styles of voice to choose from.

The technology used lets a user play sound in real-time along with an inbuilt control panel hence letting you control the pitch. Another great feature is that the voice could be changed and be turned into a ringtone.

9. Voice Changer

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10. Discord Voice Changer

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