How To Download and Install Discord For Chromebook

The search for new and better applications that offers a range of features perfect for support and assistance is crucial. Such applications save time and allow the user to have smooth facility and connectivity. One such application is Discord. 

But the question that arises is how to download and install Discord on Chromebook?

So, let us have a quick look at the details in the sections below.

About Discord

Discord is a popular chat platform that is primarily oriented toward gamers. It enables a wide range of communication choices. You may voice call a huge group of people on a server, video call, share your screen and do a lot more. All of these options are available on both public and private chat or channel options.

For individuals who own Chromebooks, Discord also has a Google Play app. You can download Discord from almost any location. But before exploring the steps to follow to download the Discord for Chromebook, let us have a quick look at the same features.

Features Of Discord

The main features of the Discord that makes it one of the most amazing and classic application to use are as follows:

  • Discord is increasingly proving to be a social tool with a high level of interactivity.
  • People can more or less create new acquaintances on Discord by playing games or simply hanging out on different servers.
  • The ability of screen sharing is also available in Discord.
  • Discord has a nice new feature called Server Discovery, which focuses on becoming a far-flung community platform.
  • From Gaming, Music, and Education to Science, Anime, and Movies, Discord has a server category for everyone.
  • Spotify, one of the most prominent music streaming platforms globally, is well integrated with Discord.
  • The Quick Switcher feature in Discord makes it simple to traverse the app.

Steps To Discord Installation On Chromebook

It is quite clear that Discord for Chromebook is available and easy to use. So, if you are planning to download and install the same, here are the series of steps to follow:

  • At the bottom left of the screen, press the Launcher button.
  • From the menus, open the Play Store
  • Go to Google Play and type in “Discord.”
  • Locate and click the large green “Install” button
download discord for chromebook
  • Wait patiently, as a good person would
  • Discord will display in your Launcher menu once it has been installed
  • To use it, click on it
  • Create a new Discord account or log in to your existing one

Once you have downloaded and installed the Discord for Chromebook, you must know the steps to operate some basic functionalities of the application.

Use Discord in Your Chrome Browser

  • Open your chrome browser in Chromebook
  • Goto Discord Official Website:
  • Select on “Open Discord in your browser
use discord in browser
  • Now enter your username and password to login discord

Discord Screen Share

The steps to be followed for the Discord screen share are as follows:

  • You will launch chrome browser
  • Go to the Discord server > Please sign in to your account
  • Make a phone call to a friend > Connect with them via call
  • Select “Screen share” from the drop-down menu

Discord Steps To Join Live Stream

If you can run Discord in your browser, you should be able to view streams without having to install any downloads, plugins, software, or other applications. The steps to follow are:

  • Look for a friend who is streaming right now.
  • By their username, they should have a red “Live” label.
  • After clicking on their name, select “view stream” from the drop-down menu.
  • You can watch anyone’s stream for free if they allow it.

Discord premium subscribers can watch streams at a resolution of more than 720p and a frame rate of more than 30 frames per second.


Discord is one of the most amazing applications that support both mobile and laptops. Initially designed for gaming, this application has expanded its utility and has emerged as one of the most amazing and fluent instant messaging applications. With the availability of Discord for Chromebook, the application’s utility has increased at quite an elongated pace.

So, if you are looking for the right way to install and use the basic functionalities of Discord for Chromebook, then this guide is here to offer you the best solution with ease.

Indeed, accessing Discord on PC, Chromebook, Mobile, or any other linked device is going to be fun and simple.

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