10 Ways to [Fix] Discord Won’t Open | Discord Not Opening

Most of the people might be enjoying playing favorite games with their friends.

And at the same time, they would like to chat you don’t sync then you may start discord.

In such conditions, you may often find messages displayed as “discord won’t open”. This might sometimes make you feel tensed and worried but never get panic.

Well, you have landed on the right page where you are more likely to find different methods of how to quickly fix discord won’t open error.

Here are 10 different methods that can be truly useful for you. So now it’s time for you to get started knowing about each of them in detail.

1. Using Taskkill Method

As soon as you find the error restart the application as could be the best alternative which has been helping many people to resolve my discord won’t open issue.

The steps are given below,

  1. Open the task manager press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC together.
  1. After opening the task manager scroll down and select the discord.exe and click End Task.
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Another Method to Process Taskkill

The process is almost the same instead of searching why won’t discord opens in the forms. Follow us,

  1. You need to first press Win+R Keys and Type cmd and then click OK.
discord not opening
  1. In the cmd window, you have to type this command taskkill /F /IM discord.exe and press Enter. This will automatically kill the discord.exe task.
why wont discord open
  1. And now you have to launch the app which will automatically fix the error.

2. Clear Discord Cache Files

  1. Open the Run command dialog box once again pressing Win+R keys.
  1. After that, just type %appdata% then click on OK.
  1. Now you’ll see the discord folder click on it and press the delete button.
  1. Once this is done you need to reboot your system and relaunch discord.

3. Clean Uninstall and Reinstall

One of the best techniques which are said to be a handy solution is by installing the app and then deleting both the appdata as well as Local appdata folders completely.

After that, you need to reinstall them so that its functioning will be normal. If you experience finding the discord grey screen then this will be a perfect solution for you.

So here is the process that you need to follow in order to delete the appdata contents completely.

  1. Open the Run command dialog box and type appwiz.cpl and tap OK.
discord app wont open

  1. Next, Scroll down and find the Discord app from the list and Right-click to uninstall the program. By doing this will remove all discord content from your system.
discord wont launch
  1. After that reinstall the latest version of discord for your PC Get here

Note: While doing this if you find a message displayed as Discord can’t be uninstalled this might be due to running issues. In order to resolve this problem, you can follow the Method provided here. This will, however, enable in killing the discord task completely. After that, you can very easily uninstall the discord app upon which you can very easily fix the discord not opening error.

4. Using the Discord Web Version:

This is one of the excellent methods to solve this issue. There are many problems to analyze why wont discord open and why this error often occurs.

One of the biggest reasons may be due to overloaded cookies. For some people, while they are undergoing the login process to the web version even when the discord is not required.

Since the discord window application issue is resolved once after they open the Discord web version.

If you can log in from the web version then you are more likely to solve this issue.

But before that make sure you check your Windows app version thermally.

Making use of this technique will help in resetting the account which will help in normalizing the functionality of the system.

You can follow the process given here in order to access the discord web version in an effective way.

  1. To access the discord web version Open a web browser and go to the Discord app website click on Open Discord in your browser or log in.

Visit official website: https://discord.com/

  1. Now provide your login details and proceed further.
  1. Check the login details and make sure they are appropriate given and then click on enter.
  1. Once you provide your login details you are done and the issue will automatically fix it.

5. Uncheck Making Use of Proxy Server

This has been a successful way to solve the discord not opening issues. Follow the steps As given below.

  1. Open the Run command box Press the Winkey+R and Type inetcpl.cpl Then hit Enter.
  1. You can see the popup box of Internet Options then click on the connections tab where you have to select LAN settings.
Lan selecting
  1. Simply uncheck the option making Use of a proxy server for your LAN.
Lan setting
  1. Once you are done the relaunch discord application will run without any errors.

6. Flush DNS

Using discord application is completely closed especially for Taskbar before using this method.

  1. Press Win+X keys together and select Command Prompt option.
Command Prompt (admin)
  1. After open the command prompt type ipconfig /flushdns and hit Enter.
Command code in cmd
  1. Now relaunch the discord application.

However the  discord app won’t open will be fixed automatically.

7. Update Your System:

Sometimes there is a need to update your system. Since there are some errors especially when you are running an old version of the discord app. You may even face discord won’t launch error which can be resolved by simply updating the system. Then you will automatically be directed to the latest version of the application.

8. Minimizing the Running Files:

You may have other applications or even files that are running in the background.

This might sometimes abstract and cause an error to your system.

Therefore it is highly recommended to close all the programs while you are running with the discord app.

Then you can minimize any number of files that are running in the background as this will help in minimizing overloading.

9. Replace with latest version

It is always recommended to have the latest version of the discord app. If you have an updated version then there are fewer chances to find my discord won’t open error.

So always keep your discord application updated. here you can download it.

10. Fixing the Discord not Opening Error Message:

Sometimes you made of confined a message displayed as discord won’t open as soon as you load the discount.

Sometimes even if you open your discord after it has been successfully loaded but still you may sometimes find Blue background on your computer screen along with error displaying the message.

Even though it might be a little bit confusing but if you can take some time then it’s very easy to solve this issue.

It is not that you will only see a message sometimes you may even experience only a blue background that is flashed which indicates that the application is indeed running but there is some login failure.

This might be due to some sort of random overloading program which has been significantly failed.

Now it’s time for us to concentrate on the issue and solve it. However, there are many methods which are relatively very easy to solve the error and fix it quickly.

It is too good to be true that each method is efficient in its own way in order to solve Discord won’t open errors.


Well if you find any issues related to discord won’t launch then you can follow the above mentioned which will resolve the issue very quickly. Finally, you will get rid of the problem and your system starts functioning normally.

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