{Solved} 8 Different Ways to Fix WOW51900319 Error Code

World of Warcraft (WOW) is one of the viral game that is played by people from different parts of the world. Whenever the game is attacked with the virus then players all over the world get affected. The same is the case with the wow error 51900319. Now we are going to discuss how to fix this error.

1. Fixing technique that is suggested by Battle.net

Battle.net consists of standard procedures that will enable you to fix wow disconnect 51900319 error. As soon as you find such as making sure to check @BlizzardCS Twitter handle and Realm Status page. You are even advised to visit the technical support forum from where it can very easily find the solution.


If the problem has not even be fixed then follow as below,

  • Reset the user interface in order to check if there are any corrupted or damaged files available in the system.
  • Then reset the network device such as router or modem that eliminates overloading.
  • Now update all the tribes as this will eliminate any sort of compatible problems.
  • Remove all network conflicts by renewing your IP and then flush the DNS.
  • Close all the applications and check if there are any RAM clogging-up or software conflict issues.
  • Also, check both the graphics card as well as network card driver settings and keep them updated.
  • Just try to disable VPN Service or any sort of proxy that you use.
  • In order to check for virus make sure you run a full scan.
  • If you find any virus then try to remove it as this will block the game.
  • Then update the Firewall on the router or modem.

2. Make use of VPN of some other region

When you are using the WoW Server of a particular region then it might be overloaded. The number of pins could be one of the reasons for it to be overloaded. This will, in turn, cause wow51900319 which needs to be fixed immediately.

This is because the wow server will be disabled thereby not allowing it to serve any requests. In such cases, it is highly recommended to make use of a VPN of some other region except the one you are using.

For this method to change your location which will ensure that the server is different. By doing so the error will be fixed immediately.

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3. Change FPS background to 30fps

Well, this is one of the extraordinary ways to fix the wow 51900319 error. One of the opinionated bloggers tested this method and proved it to be a successful way. Once after he realized that the WOW added to place only due to the change in the background. Here is how to change the background from FPS to 30FPS.

Just press Esc or you can even go via the menu icon and then open the game menu and click on the System tab.

game menu
  • Click on the advanced to find the advanced options.
advanced options wow51900319
  • Find Set Max background FPS and then click on it
  • As soon as the slide enables you can use it and change the background.
Advance option enable

However, this is a quick way to find the solution for your error and you can start playing the game instantly.

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4. Lower the foreground FPS

You might even find an error showing that you have been disconnected from the server wow51900319 in such cases this could be the best solution. As there are many reasons for error 2 occurred one could be due to increased graphics over each frame.

This can be fixed only by lowering the foreground FPS. So whenever you are playing the game in high FPS mode then the internet cannot serve your speed and could be disconnected.

The same is the case when you are considering low or medium FPS rates which will affect the game. In order to change foreground FPS in this game for low As given here.

  • Just press Esc or you can even go via the menu icon and then open the game menu and click on the System tab.
game menu
  • Click on the advanced to find the advanced options.
advanced options wow51900319
  • Then you will find Set Max foreground XPS option click on it.
  • Once the slider is enabled you can use it and lower the foreground FPS from the current value.
Advance option enable

5. Uninstall and then reinstall the game

To find a quick solution you just need to uninstall and then reinstall the game as soon as you find wow disconnect 51900319 error.

  • First, go to backup game data to Battle.net account.
  • Now uninstall the game and remove catches if any.
  • Then reset your device.
  • Make sure to download the game and reinstall it. Once the app has been installed you need to launch it.
  • Simply log in to the Battle.net in order to get back the lost data.

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6. Logout from the Battle.net

Sometimes the issue could be due to long login hours. This might not be any technical issue so you should simply log out of your account and then we login after some time.

Games log out option

The wow 51900319 error will be fixed as soon as you login refreshing software and technically making it strong. Perhaps this issue can even be caused due to server lag in response to particular accounts.

So follow this simple procedure in order to reset everything and start playing the game.

7. Use an Eternal cable

eternal cable

The error could be due to Blizzard tightening this mike intern to make your network latency requirement that would abruptly disconnect your network. Since it is an issue concerned with the internet we need to provide the high-speed eternal connection.

If you can do so then you can immediately fix the wow error 51900319. Making use of eternal connection will minimize the fluctuations within the fiber optical cable and resolve if any issues.

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8. Network Fix

As soon as you have been disconnected from the server wow51900319 you can resolve it through network fix. This could be due to network latency which is well known especially in Reddit threads which is a perfect solution for many games. In order to fix it,

  • Just press Esc or you can even go via menu icon and then open the game menu and click on the System tab.
  • Then go to the network option.
  • Then click on the optimized network for Speed.
  • By doing still the issue will be fixed automatically.


So these are the best methods that will enable you to fix wow51900319 quickly. Perhaps there is never an official solution to solve this error and it can be done only by following one of the processes given above. If you can follow them appropriately then you are more likely to get out of the problem quickly.

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