3 Ways to Get Paid to Play Video Games

“Do what you like and you’ll never work a day in your life.” It’s one in all the foremost common sentiments you’ll hear once attempting to choose a career path. Well, folks love enjoying video games, don’t they? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you’ll build a living that way?

get paid to play video games at home

The truth is that you can! But… it is very hard. Many people who go on this route surrender at intervals in a couple of years as a result of the work side immensely outweigh the fun. Rather than doing what they love, they find themselves hating what they once adored. It’s additionally quite risky. For each and every makes money playing games success story, there are many other WHO tried and failing.

It’s not one thing that I’d suggest unless you’re young, single, and willing to commit for many years knowing that it might all be for nothing. However, it’s definitely possible! Here we have five potential ways in which you can create this dream a reality.

3 Ways to Get Paid to Play Video Games

1. By Playing Comparative Video Games

By Playing Comparative Video Games

How does It Work: Tournaments are very commonplace for PvP games, and also more common a game is, the larger the prize of it becomes. If you’re adequate enough that you can join any esports organization, you’ll earn a living through it. Best gamers additionally make the most of live streaming for extra financial gain.

Why it’s troublesome: not everybody is usually a net-positive player. You will be one of the top players, get knocked out early in a very tournament, and leave with zero winnings. Though you are going to win some cash, it should not cowl the edifice and flight prices. If you aren’t constantly at the top, dump the thought of living on winnings.

Furthermore, the esports business remains young. You might land in a position to be on a revered team, although the “salary” might be below the regular wage. The business is additionally overrun with con artists and thieves that feed on naive gamers. It isn’t uncommon to listen to concerning players who do not get paid to play video games at home whatever their due is.

How to start: first of all you have to find a well-liked PvP game with innumerable tournaments and significant interest from esports organizations. Then Practice, practice and more practice.

As you pick up, network with alternative skilled gamers to induce your name out there. However, to be honest, you’ll probably have higher luck (and earn a lot of money) following a career as a person who is a non-competitive streamer.

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2. Testing of Video Games

Testing of Video Games

How does It Work: Games undergo numerous phases of development. Once they close to completion, developers want outsiders who will playtest their games with fresh eyes. As a playtester, your job is to check everything the developer desires you to check, which incorporates finding and documenting bugs and problems.

Why it’s troublesome: lately, it isn’t too troublesome to become a tester, however, it will be mind-numbing work. Also, the pay isn’t nice (on par with, or slightly higher than, minimum wage). And unless you’ll be able to land an inside position at an oversized game development company, most testing positions are for mobile games.

How to start: Turning into an inside tester at an organization is harder. You ought to browse job boards, analyze corporations for open positions, send out applications and hope for the most effective.

3. Live Streaming Video Games

Live Streaming Video Games

How does It Work: Stream your gameplay in real-time for everyone in the world. Aim to create an oversized audience (which you’ll decriminalize with ads) or a loyal audience (which you’ll decriminalize with donations and subscriptions). The largest platform straight away is Twitch, however, YouTube gaming is still trying to catch up, so you would want to know, how to make money on twitch. Ignore Hitbox and Beam as that is too tiny to create any real cash.

Why it’s tough: it takes a long time to create a live stream audience. You’ll not break ten viewers for many months, and you would possibly take a lot of months to reach one hundred viewers. The fact is that some streamers never even get to reach that time — and to create a living; you’ll want thousands of standard viewers.

Game streaming is one of the heavily saturated platforms. Why do you think somebody should watch you? Once there are many different well-established streams to watch, you’ll set yourself apart by providing a singular reasonably humor or attractiveness, by being the best player, or by taking part in a game nobody else plays.

How to Start: There is a not very low chance to enter this stream. All you are going to need is a good pc, some games which your viewers will want you to play so that they can watch you, a good personality, and also some of the streaming software. For computer gaming, I would highly recommend you to use Open broadcaster software.

Also, I think you should check out some of the successful twitch streamers so that you can understand what makes a good an enjoyable stream and how you can make them be a part of your audiences.


In the end, I would say that playing video games still work.

Games are usually fun to play because they do grant us some time to escape from the reality we know. When you find that gaming turns out to be your job, then the aspect of the escapism from the reality will disappear, and most likely so the fun will too. Do you love playing games? Think at least hard before turning it into your career. You might regret it.

If you are still thinking to move ahead, the opportunities explained in this post are one of the best ways by which you can make a gaming-related living anytime. If earning isn’t what you’re looking for, then there are some games that can leave with some extra cash in your pocket. How we could help you to know how to get paid to play video games and good luck to you!

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