BitStarMarkets Trading Platforms and Tools

BitStarMarkets seems to be a very new trading platform. The longer a broker’s track record, the more we tend to trust.

You may have some doubts about this one. That’s why in this review we want to reveal the truth about this trading website.

BitStarMarkets: to trust or not to trust

On the way to successful trading, there are many obstacles. First, you overcome your fears, prejudices, and stereotypes. And then you have to choose a platform you can trust.

So what about BitStarMarkets? Being regulated by top-tier financial regulators and providing a high level of investor protection are all positive indicators for BitStarMarkets’ security.

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Trading Platforms and Tools

So, now that you’ve established trust in BitStarMarkets, let’s have a look at trading platforms and tools. We may say that they will meet the needs of the majority of casual traders.


BitStarMarkets provides a basic set of charting capabilities, such as various chart formats, appropriate sketching tools, 50 technical indicators, the option to add hotkeys, and grid layouts for comparing many charts. I found the graphing on the online platform to be clear and simple to use, and it was virtually the same on the desktop version.

Market replay

Users may see stock chart time-lapse video replays, which are exclusive to BitStarMarkets. While seeing a replay of the day’s price movement is more informative, it also provides traders with a unique viewpoint not accessible at any other broker.

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Platform interface

The BitStarMarkets desktop interface is the same as the mobile version. It is simple to use, with a dynamic layout that can be modified. It is a matter of a few seconds due to its drag and drop widget boxes. It has setlists like Hot ETFs, as well as important watch list and screener functions. I particularly liked how new traders may practice trading with a virtual portfolio (fake money) via BitStarMarkets.


The BitStarMarkets website offers a high-level market overview, as well as news headlines and summarized analyst ratings. While there are fewer day trading and options trading tools than some other popular platforms offer, there are a few standout features, such as the Net Order Imbalance Indicator (NOII). If you are looking for something customizable, custom indicators can also be programmed if needed.

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Quote data

After their free data subscription expires, traders must pay a monthly charge to see level-2 data. However, it is worth mentioning that BitStarMarkets has reduced the cost of its Level 2 membership to just $1.99 per month and its basic data is free. If you trade at least one option contract each month at BitStarMarkets, you will receive real-time options data (OPRA).

Final Thoughts

BitStarMarkets has a devoted number of users since it is simple to use and was one of the first brokers to provide $0 transactions.

When comparing BitStarMarkets with Robinhoodother popular ones, BitStarMarkets has far more features. 

BitStarMarkets provides a one-of-a-kind community experience as well as simple trading platforms that will appeal to the majority of youthful investors. However, BitStarMarkets lacks the trading tools and capabilities to compete with industry giants who also provide $0 stock and ETF transactions for daily investment.

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