6 Affordable Small Business Phone Systems

On a hunt to find the most ideal phone service to help the WordPress driven websites? Including a reliable phone service solution can play a vital role to administer the calls for attending customers. In this blog we have selected a few helpful cheap business phone service that could be integrated with the WordPress website.

Why will you be needing a Business Phone Service and when will it be required?

Let’s start by keeping it simple as you can integrated a simple mobile phone or a landline number to the WordPress website which will help in receiving the calls from the customers. Nevertheless, adding a phone number whether it is a landline or a mobile number would not look very professional, neither will it be a very reliable method of communicating with the customers.

Taking help of the business phone service will permit you to get the following done

1. This will help in keeping a track of call duration, hold duration, in call wait time & overall minutes used for a month, week, day or even the past hour.

2. Majority of the business phone solutions come packed with all the features that is ever going to be needed such as

3. Freedom to share just a single number with all the customers, making it a unique identity for the business.

4. Making use of a desk phone, a mobile, or a computer to accept calls and connect to customer.

5. Adding new employee without the help of a tech guy.

6. A business phone solution accepts calls with the internet medium, this actually means that the phone service could be carried along wherever you need to. The only thing needed the most is a stable internet connection.

7. Perfect for an e-commerce or a small site for business, including a professional business phone number service can help the business boom in just no time.

8. It could be used to create a stronger customer-business bond with professional solutions that could be provided by the phone.

These are just a few highlights of the business phone service

1. Nextiva

small Business Phone Systems

When it comes to the features and comfort in use Nextiva is the best business phone service. This comes with a long list of features, with an option to help in instant setting up and affordable pricing.

It comes with a very simple functioning admin panel that is based on internet hence making it even simpler for SME business owners. And finally administer the juncture with that ease. It has all the basic features such as routing the call, uncapped domestic calling free of charge, a voicemail integrated to text and email and so on.

2. Ring Central

small Business Phone Systems

Another renowned phone service for business with respect to the sizes of all kinds. It is a one feature packed phone service in the segment. It covers all the basic features you will ever need such as caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, call transfer, one line for transfer on one and multiple users and devices etc.

Besides it also has video call conferencing with a sharing option for up to one thousand free minutes and configurations for Dropbox, One Drive and Gsuite. It is designed with an innovative administration based on internet making it super comfortable for managing and setting up the calls.

3. Grasshopper

small Business Phone Systems

Grasshopper provides digital phone number that tunes perfectly well with the VOIP protocol and is ideal for the solo entrepreneurs and small business owners. Digital phone number makes it possible to get the calls forwarded to any devices or numbers.

Nevertheless, for the outward calls there is a need for a regular phone line service. They provide unique web apps and mobile apps to administer the phone service and account as well. Using the multiple extensions for numbers is an added feature.

4. Phone.com

small Business Phone Systems

A considerable option for SME business phone service. They provide a simple to understand and simple to operate & administration based on web and applications with a well-designed panel with regular phone service. Packed with features such as call routing, call forwarding, conference calling, caller ID and so on.

They also have the handful European countries in their local minutes which makes the calling to the foreign countries way economical. Also integrating the business phone service to any third-party CRM application like ZOHO or Salesforce is also possible. It is completely independent of hardware proficiency.

5. Vonage

small Business Phone Systems

The Vonage is an incredible phone service for business loaded with ample features to help the business communication be much more impactful. Besides the regular VOIP cloud based services, it integrates with Amazon Chime to combine video conferencing and online meet-ups on the smart platform.

Designed with a control panel that is based completely on internet allowing an easy setting up, adding new users and administer the calls. While not forgetting the useful features such as mobile access a perfect fit wherein remote teams with least to no hardware need comes into the picture.

6. 8×8

small Business Phone Systems

A dependable alternative when it comes to SME business phone service. The prices can be compared to any other business phone services, it is comparatively low than all other service providers in the segment. But this all at the cost of absence of some most essential features in comparison what the competitors provide.

However 8×8 has all the standard features such as caller ID, automatic call attendance, mobile apps, SMS, chats, call forwarding, number sharing and so on.

Wrapping Up

So with the above blog post it could be understood that the best of all the business phone service available in the segment on the internet suitable and works fine with any WordPress website. The business operates with an aim to make a profit. But making profit is another thing which only is possible when the costs are minimized.

The major costs are the ones associated with the customer communication. Hence here are the best 6 Best Business Phone Services for Small Business. You can select anyone according to the budget and the list of features provided by each service provider.

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