Different Types of Video Games

One cannot deny how popular video games are nowadays. Because of the hype, more and more game developers are creating games. And if you are new to gaming, you might get confused about what game you should play.

Game developers, with the help of advanced technology, create loads of games to ensure enjoyment and leisure for gamers. There are so many processes each video game passes through before it will be out to the market.

From its creation up to the game testing services, video games are delicately created and tested to ensure quality and enjoyable games. If the game is made for a smartphone, it has to be tested with the help of mobile application testing services

Video games are categorized based on their characteristics and objectives. There are different genres of video games, but sometimes, there are also subgenres and some games can fall into multiple genres. 

Yeah. Quite confusing right?  

Don’t worry, this article can give you a deeper understanding of video games and their categories. And hopefully, you can choose the type of game that suits your interest and personality.  

Where Did Video Games Start? 

Before we jump to the different genres of video games, let’s just look back to where it started.  

It was in October 1958, when a Physicist named William Higinbotham created the first video game while working in a laboratory. He intends to create an interactive experience for people who visit the laboratory. Tennis for Two was enjoyed on an oscilloscope and a five-inch screen that only displayed blue lines. Visitors of the laboratory lined up just to experience his experiment. Soon enough, it became the highlight of the laboratory.  

Back then, game developers had many limitations in creating different types of games. However, as time goes by and as technology becomes more advanced, game developers can create games easier no matter how complex the game is. 

10 Common Types of Video Games

1. Sports Games

In this genre of video games, you can be an athlete of the sport you wanted. Basketball, soccer, baseball, boxing, golf, and many other sports would be here in this genre.

You’ll be able to mimic real-life athletes and their moves as you go up to your level. Some of these games can be considered as well as simulation games because of their realism at a higher level. Players can choose between the computer or another player as their opponent. 

2. Role-Playing (RPG)

This type of video game allows the player to be the main character of the game. The player can be the hero, in a science fiction or fantasy setting. Narrative can be found in these types of games.

5Role-Playing or RPG is one of the most popular types of video games. Dungeons and Dragons can be considered as the origin of RPG. So if you are the type of person who loves role-playing, or fantasy, these kinds of games best suit you.

 3. Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)

In these kinds of games, players get to interact with other players in a virtual world via the internet. They can be playing with each other or playing against each other.

What’s nice about these games is that, simultaneously, players from all over the world can enter the game without encountering any problem. What’s more fascinating is that, even though the player exits the virtual game room, these “worlds” will still exist. These virtual worlds are not bound to the player’s activity. 

4. Simulation Games

From the word itself, simulation games will make you experience how to operate real-life things such as vehicles. You can have the opportunity to operate tanks or ships. In these games, you can experience flying an airplane too!

5. Adventure Games

These games may not be as popular as other genres of video games. This is because there is nothing much action going on. These video games focus on puzzle-solving, finding clues, and explorations. 

6. Real-Time Strategy (RTS)

These games originated from a 1980’s game called The Ancient Art of War. These games are more like securing a map and building a population. With a simple game structure of building civilian and military bases, these games have improved in many ways today. 

7. First Person Shooter (FPS)

In these games, the player would be the main character. All movements will be from the player’s perspective. Unlike other games where you’ll get to have a full view of the character, FPS games won’t be possible since it portrays that you are the one in the game.

8. Strategy Games

These games are ideal for deep thinkers since these games target the resourcefulness and planning skills of the player. To overcome a challenge, the player must come up with a well-organized and well-utilized strategy to proceed to another level.

9. Action Games

These kinds of games might be considered the most popular kind of video games. These games are addicting because of nonstop action for players. The character gets to explore different areas of the game, conquering opponents and stepping up to a higher level.

10. Educational Games

To balance everything, video games have educational games too. These games can help in the learning process of the players. Various topics and subjects such as Math and Science are some common types of educational games. 

In 2021 across the globe, the estimated number of video game players is 3.24 Billion. This is how big the impact of video games is. Some players create an income by playing. Some use video games to escape reality from time to time, some consider this as a pastime.  

We hope this article has given you a deeper understanding of video games, and picked the right type of game for you.

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