Everything you need to know about CTO as a Service

If you are willing to start a company, in the era of modernity, then you have to perform various interdependent activities to get success. These activities may include creating an interactive website, managing the project, promoting the business, ranking the web pages, and more.

During the initial days, you might hire a website developer or a computer engineer to lead your team but as the company grows the need for a highly skilled and well-experienced person to manage the situation increases. This brings CTO as a service (CaaS) into the picture.

But what is CaaS and what a CTO is capable of doing and why he or she is important for any business? Here we will know everything about CTO and CaaS and how it benefits any business.

Let’s begin with knowing who CTO is?

CTO stands for Chief Technology Officer. A CTO is a technically sound person with a very strong knowledge of organizing everything related to the digital project.

The major responsibility of the CTO is to take all the managerial decisions related to the project. Other responsibilities include handling the research and development team and the technical team of the company.

At startups, it becomes vital to hire a CTO as only he or she can take any new business in the right direction. It is the responsibility of a CTO to achieve maximum success in minimum time and less expense.

This makes the CTO responsible for identifying the project-related requirements, defining the goals of the business, taking care of the financial needs of the project and managing the same in lower expenditure.

An organization can either hire a full-time CTO or can even outsource the same as per its necessities.

What is CTO as a Service (CaaS):

You might think that your team is working perfectly without a CTO then what is the need for hiring one? Well, have you ever tried doing some quality check in your team? If not, then you should go for CaaS and you will see the difference it can make.

CaaS connects all the project-related dots and draws a creative and affordable picture in front of you. In simpler terms, CaaS can bring management, punctuality, cost-efficacy, and professionalism to your workplace.

CaaS is like the team leader who knows how to make an organization run productively and successfully at the same time.

All these tasks are simply impossible for a newbie to perform and that is why CTO as a service has become a new trend for both the new and well-established organizations. Whether it is a start-up, a new collaboration or even an old organization, you can take the benefit of CaaS and make your business run effectively.

Must-have qualities of a CTO:

  • Strong Experience: CTO needs to have more than 5-6 years of experience in the field. He or she should know all the technical aspects required for the position.
  • Knowledge of Business Development: CTO establishes a connection between the technical team and the management team and hence, other than technology he or she must have very good knowledge about Business Development.
  • Decision Making: CTO should be able to make decisions regarding technical aspects, resource allocation, project management and more.
  • Leadership Qualities: CTO is all about leading the team, which is imposed if one does not possess the leadership Qualities. CTO should be the one who knows how to deal with the issues of the team, how to boost them, how to make them work enthusiastically and how to bring out the best of his team.
  • Analytical Skills: CTO must have a great analysis quantity. He knows how to analyse the situation to bring out the best results.
  • Communication Skills: A CTO should be able to put forth his or her ideas and vision strategically in front of the team members.

Roles and Responsibilities of a CTO:

  • During the initial days of the startups, the situation becomes hectic as the implementation of the project is way different from putting forward an idea. Here, CaaS can help the business to kick start. CTO can develop the first stage architecture of the business, assign goals, perform analysis on competitors, design the tech-related solutions, manage MVP development and more to satisfy the initial requirements of the Startup.
  • Technical solutions: It is the major responsibility of a CTO to manage everything related to the technical problems of the organisation. A CTO is responsible for the selection of the technology involved in the project. He or she should understand the complications of the project, should know how to deal with the issues and how to complete the project cost-effectively.
  • Planning each and every aspect of the technical project is the responsibility of the CTO. He or she should know who to assign tasks to the team members, how to finish it successfully within the deadline and how to cut the cost of the project.
  • CTO should know how to keep the team enthusiastic by providing them with professional and emotional support during the hour of project-related issues.
  • CTO also takes care of the project Audit. This involves checking the quality of the codes, effectiveness of the project, suggesting the improvements and taking care of the delivery process.
  • A CTO is not just responsible for the successful creation of a project but also for the project pitching. He or she should know how to put forth the benefits of the project, should be able to answer all the questions related to the work and should be the expert of the project in all aspects.
  • CTO should understand the need of hiring any new candidates for the project. He or she can even monitor the hiring process and select the candidates as per their requirements.

Benefits of CaaS:

  • CaaS improves the performance of the project by improving its quality.
  • Any Business or Start-up can draw a better architecture of the work with the help of CaaS.
  • With the analytical and business knowledge of the CTO, the complete cost of the project can be easily reduced.
  • When you hire a well experienced and skilled CaaS, the quality of the work automatically increases with the audits performed by the CTO.
  • A CTO can also help the organisation with the hiring process of the team members required for the project.
  • CTO reduces the operational risk by improving the risk mitigation plans.

Putting the Thoughts Together: CTO is the one who can fill up the gap between the technical team and the management team. Considering the effectiveness of CaaS it becomes essential for organizations to have a skilled CTO. At Jelvix we offer cost-effective and expert CTO as a service to our clients. You can visit our website and contact us for further details.

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