Get More Organized With These 7 Best Apps for Students

Being a student is tough. Everyday people experience pressure to excel in their academic performance while possessing the dexterity of a juggler: completing assignments in due time, multitasking, and working within short deadlines.

Unfortunately, time management is not everyone’s strongest trait. Even the most productive students who have a good grasp of organizing everything might be overwhelmed and struggle to keep everything under control.

If you also feel this pressure and can’t handle this on your own, you can turn to specialists with the following text: “I wish someone could write my papers online” to eliminate this tension. However, if you want to deal with this by yourself, it’s essential to learn the skill of time management. This article will guide you on the most helpful school organization apps that will significantly improve your academic performance.


This tool is essential for people who tend to forget important events. This app will send you daily reminders together with notifications about incomplete tasks, so you always keep in mind tasks or projects you have put off that need to be done in due time.

In addition, with MyStudyLife, you don’t need to worry about upcoming exams or classes. When it comes to managing your class schedule, this app will send you notifications about such events, which means you have one less thing to worry about. The good thing about MyStudyLife is that it’s free of charge and it syncs your entries to all devices, and is available on:

  • Windows Phone
  • Windows 8
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Web browsers


A great alternative to MyStudyLife is myHomework. You can use it on devices such as iPad, Android, iPhone, Windows, Chromebook, and Mac. This tool combines calendars and widgets to help students to keep track of projects, upcoming exams, and events. However, here you have two options: use it for free with ads or choose the ad-free paid version. This plan costs $4.99 per year and has advanced features:

  • file attachments
  • external calendar access
  • share planner or homework.

Remember the Milk (RTM)

How many times did you forget about important tasks to be done? Or how many times did you get distracted too easily and didn’t manage to complete homework in due time? Nowadays, students are really struggling with staying focused and organized throughout the day. One of the reasons is that we have to obtain and process a lot of information each day and constantly remember what we need to do.

However, it’s not an easy task. This is why it’s your time to give RTM a shot. With the help of this free cloud-based tool, you don’t need to keep in mind everything you need to do – RTM will remind you of everything. This app can play a vital role in student’s lives and their efforts to get things done.

What’s more, you don’t need to rearrange your schedule if you have a recurring event. RTM allows you to schedule tasks or events either as a one-time task or a recurring one. In addition, you can set priority to each assignment and even add subtasks.


This is a great checklist app for people who tend to put off everything. It helps you prioritize tasks and arrange your schedule so that you can properly manage your time and complete everything in due time. This tool has similar features as RTM, however, Todoist stands out due to its natural language processing.

It means that every time you have a recurring meeting, you can simply type, for instance, “Math project meeting every Monday,” and Todoist will automatically create a task named “Math project meeting.” Then, it will set a reminder to notify you about this meeting every Monday.

What’s more about Todoist is that it will come in handy when you are working on a project in a team. In this app, you can create, assign, and personalize tasks and comment and share files related to the project with other students. With special features like Labels, Filters, and Calendar Feeds, it will become so much easier to simplify the workflow and organize tasks.


Unlike other note-taking apps, Evernote has consistently been at the top of this category. First of all, you can create notes on several devices as Evernote backs up data to the cloud and syncs all your digital notes across devices. Secondly, it helps students organize a wide range of file formats, such as:

  • PDF files
  • Microsoft Office documents
  • Paper handouts
  • Photos of class discussion notes
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Lists
  • Audio files
  • Videos files

Thirdly, you can use Evernote as a tool for collaboration where you can share reminders and ideas with your other students.


Scrivener is considered to be the second-best writing app after Microsoft Word. With its drag-and-drop and digital corkboard features, this app is a good choice. Here you can easily organize and arrange sections or chapters of your writing projects, such as:

  • School essays
  • Articles
  • Academic papers
  • Novels
  • Scripts

If you ever come up with a bright and fresh idea, Scrivener will always be here for you so that you can write down your flow of thought right into this app. The main feature which makes Scrivener stand out is that it lets you access your references in the background and view them next to your work anytime you need to refer to your research material when working on a project. In addition, it offers a 15% discount for students who want to try additional features.


This project management tool makes your studies so much easier. Due to its Kanban style of project management, dealing with any assignment turns from a complex and boring routine into an easy, exciting, and entertaining process.

With Trello as a manager, for example, you can increase motivation among team members and have better control of project activities. Here, you can write down tasks for the day and plan meetings together with long-term projects. Besides, after adding a “calendar,” Trello will remind you of the deadline of your task.

If you want to collaborate with other students, Trello will definitely come in handy. Here you can create post-its for a task and further customize each one depending on your project requirements. Just like in Pinterest, you can create multiple boards and assign them to each team member and attach tasks with a due date or any additional requirement to the task.

To Sum Up

We hope the apps we highlighted in this article can assist you throughout your academic years and make your students easier. We recommend taking advantage of these tools if you want to be organized, learn the art of time management and self-discipline, and form healthy habits.

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