Great Ways You Can Use CBD Oil for Dogs

Having a dog around your home can give such a pleasant experience especially if you are a dog lover. While it feels nice to see your dog play around your home, it is more satisfying when it is in good health. Maintaining a dog’s health involves more than just regular visits to a vet. Other measures dog owners can take to ensure that their furry friend is healthy are purchasing affordable pet insurance, making sure they get regular exercise and feeding them healthy food.

When your dog starts showing signs like cancer, pain, anxiety and even arthritis, then considering a CBD treatment will be a good idea. CBD which is also called cannabidiol is a type of chemical found in cannabis. It is similar to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which has the capacity to make one psychoactive. But on the contrary, CBD lacks this effect and consumers derive maximum health benefits from the usage.

Buying CBD oil for dogs is a good and easy way to cure your dog conditions and diseases that affect their health. With this, the safety of your pet is ensured and you can try it out once you have access to a bottle.

However, while using CBD oil may seem like an easy way to treat pets, it is important that you take your time to understand the different methods you can use to administer the medication to dogs.

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Understanding the procedure and method of administration makes consumption very safe for your dog unlike when you start guessing around without any concrete guide.

We have outlined in this article the uses of CBD oil for dogs and some methods you can use to administer them. Please read on as we explain more.

Uses of CBD Oil

The following are some of the uses of CBD oil:

Reduction of Pain

CBD oil is very effective in relieving pain. Most dogs that are experiencing pains in different parts of their body can be given this medication to help them get back to their normal level of fitness. When using the oil for body pains, be sure to know the areas affected so you can apply it with a little massage.

Reduction of Anxiety

If your dog is experiencing anxiety, then you may need to use this product as it is very effective in fighting anxiety and other conditions that affect normal functionality. When you give your pet this treatment, you will observe the soothing relief that comes with it.

Treatment of Cancer

These days, CBD oil is used for the treatment of cancer in dogs. What the owner needs is just to follow the prescription given by the vet or in some cases, follow a guide outlining usage and dosage.

Ways to Administer CBD oil to Dogs

The following are some ways to administer CBD oil to dogs:

Mouth Application

Most products are dosed based on the number of droppers needed for the dog. Knowing the size of your dog determines the appropriate number of droppers to be given daily. If you find that your dog feels comfortable taking CBD oil, a good way to give it this medication will be to put the appropriate measure in the dropper, and insert deeply in the dog’s mouth, and squeeze it.

Mix with Food

This is another effective method. It requires a mixture of the oil with the dog’s food. It is recommended that you start with a small dose before you can gradually increase it so that your dog can get used to the taste. Additionally, be careful when mixing your dog’s food with medications as a wrong step can lead to more health complications than you bargained for. You can check this article for a guide to help you with the process especially if you need assistance on how to mix your pet’s food with medications.

Blend with a Treat

Another effective method of giving this product to your pet is by mixing it with a treat. While trying this out, ensure that you use treats that can easily absorb liquid. The requirement here is simply to put the required level of oil to the dog’s treat and allow it to soak in for some time before consumption.

Another important aspect of this method that you need to know is that it is more effective for puppies that only require a small dose. This method also requires a good level of carefulness because you can mees the entire process up if you mistakenly put more oil than is needed in the treat. Making this sort of mistake will make the dog stay away from the treat if it finds out.

Make Your Personal Treats

When you make your own treats, they can also be effective for your dog as sometimes they tend to be used to meal prepared by a familiar source. However, adding CBD oil to the meal can be tricky. For instance, if you choose to bake the treat with the oil, you will find that the evaporation of the oil will make the nutrients to be lost. A good way to do this is to come up with a treat that does not require baking. There are others that also require baking at a lesser temperature, you can go for those options

These are some top recommendations on how you can use CBD oil for dogs. You can search the internet to get more tips. Similarly, if you need tips on how to keep your dog healthy.


Maintaining the health of your furry friend demands a lot of effort and you can sum a good number of them up with one measure – using CBD oil for dogs. We have outlined some of the uses in this article and ways you can use them. Feel free to check them out.

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