How Technology Benefits Preschool Education

Parents of preschoolers face many challenges today that were inconceivable even just a couple of decades ago. Moms and dads face mounting pressure to work more, oftentimes from home, and at the same time to keep older kids busy with extracurricular activities and events.

Inevitably, this often results in the youngest of children, such as toddlers, spending more time on a screen to keep them busy while parents and siblings are going about their daily routine. These days there is a seemingly endless amount of media for young kids to consume, including TV and streaming networks, as well as YouTube channels that are dedicated to captivating their young audience with mindless, but entertaining, videos.

While the busyness of everyday family life is unlikely to change, what if there was a better, more meaningful way to keep toddlers busy while doing something that is much more worthwhile than mere entertainment? Thankfully, there is one great way parents can make the most of their kids’ screen time by utilizing a fun, engaging, and educational app like the one from Kids Academy.

An All-In-One Learning Journey for Little Learners

Kids Academy specializes in offering parents and teachers the highest quality learning resources for kids from toddlerhood through grade school. From educational lessons and videos to worksheets and quizzes, they deliver learning materials that cover all the crucial academic subjects. The Talented and Gifted app is unique in that it compiles all of the very best resources and packages them into complete units that not only teach kids the skills, but assess and enrich them, too.

What’s even better is that the app grows with each learner and includes age-appropriate content for each level as children progress through the program. For the youngest children, the app includes the following toddler-friendly features:

  • Exciting educational games that feature professional voicing and require no reading
  • Engaging videos of songs and storybooks that cover topics like nursery rhymes and classic stories
  • A motivating interactive character that kids can customize by earning rewards from completing lessons

Best of all, the Talented and Gifted app delivers a comprehensive academic program that targets the most vital skills at each level. The app is differentiated by age, grade, and ability level so that learners can start at their current level and progress to more advanced skills. For toddlers, learning focuses on the following:

  • Early reading skills, such as recognizing letters of the alphabet by sight and sound
  • Early writing skills, such as tracing letters, numbers, and words
  • Matching and sorting games that build problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Interactive worksheets that teach basic science topics like seasons, weather, and space
  • Interactive worksheets that review social studies concepts such as family, community, and citizenship

Revolutionizing Educational Screentime

In the hustle and bustle of everyday family life, there’s no question that kids increasingly spend more time in front of screens to keep them busy. Why not make that time more fruitful by offering an educational app that both parents and children will love?

The Talented and Gifted app is the ultimate one-stop destination for early learning and can transform any child’s screentime from mindless to meaningful within the seconds it takes to download the app! Head to the official Kids Academy website for more information or find the Talented and Gifted app on the Appstore or Google Play.

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