5 Things to Improve Your Productivity if You Freelance

Freelancing allows you to freely dispose of your time, work when it is convenient, and do what you like. Nevertheless, this kind of work has one disadvantage – you have to control everything by yourself. Without motivation and with many distractions in the apartment, it is impossible to focus on work. Being the boss of your life and work is not easy as there are many tasks that need to be done completely by yourself, without the help of a supervisor.

Freelancers can be completely overwhelmed due to the long list of responsibilities. However, by following some simple tips, they can become more productive and truly enjoy the freedom of freelancing.

Here are some useful tips to help freelancers increase their productivity quickly.

  1. Organize Your Work Properly

Being organized increases productivity. For example, if you are only looking for freelance Android developer jobs or you already handle multiple projects as a freelancer, you need to organize your work thoroughly first. Planning ahead of time makes it easy to achieve your goals. If you are a freelancer and work from home, make a clear to-do list, define tasks for each part of your workday, and minimize all distractions – all these will definitely help increase your productivity.

Try to do all the difficult tasks at the beginning of the work day, everything else will seem easy, the completed work will give you the opportunity with a sense of accomplishment at the beginning of the day to increase your productivity at the end of working hours. It’s also a huge boost to your self-esteem as a professional.

  1. Set Up Your Work Hours

Just like the office workday, working from home should be on a schedule. This is typically from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but not necessarily. Having set up your working hours, you should also have a period to communicate with clients, which will show your professionalism and organization. Here it is worth paying special attention to the convenience of clients and taking into account their timezones.

  1. Set Goals

Whether freelancing is your supplemental income or your main full-time job, you should always set goals that you want to achieve.

Working as a freelancer from home means no coworkers nearby and no “external motivation” to work. This is why it is necessary to set goals for yourself.

Goal setting can give you the motivation you need to work hard and get things done. Setting weekly goals and working towards achieving them is something that can maximize your productivity.

  1. Take Breaks Throughout the Day

You don’t have to squat and warm up on every break. A simple five-minute rest is good for your body and brain. During this time you can lie down with your eyes closed or drink tea. Such small breaks give you the opportunity to relax, reboot, and restore energy for further work.

  1. Note Down Everything at Once

It helps to remember agreements and always keep your promises. For this purpose, you can have a notebook or use applications like “Notes”. The main thing is to record all promises at once and in one place, and then view them and transfer them to task trackers, which record tasks for all clients. It is important to record everything at once.

If you follow these rules, you will become a person who forgets nothing and does everything without reminders. Clients appreciate this quality.

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