Instagram Reels Likes: Best 7 Sites in the UK For Selling Likes for Your IG Reels

Creating and boosting Instagram reels are some of the best ways to promote brands on the app, including businesses and Instagram influencers. The brand image that can be improved through Instagram reels can effectively lead to more engagement, such as likes, Instagram growth, leads, and sales.

But to get started, it can sometimes help to find the best 7 sites in the UK to buy likes for ig reels. It allows you to quickly build a following and find more of your target audience and active Instagram users who might be interested in your products/services.

In this blog post, we will look at the best sites to buy Instagram engagements from to win the Instagram game.

Here’s why you need to promote your Instagram Reels

There is no doubt that Instagram is one of the best platforms online. There are more than one billion users on the social media platform. If your Instagram account is really active, you can build a successful social media marketing strategy.

And Instagram has several key features that need to be understood to get the best from the platform. For one, Instagram prefers to promote reels over photos and other posts. Using reels allows your Instagram account content to reach a wider audience.

As more people see the content, the more Instagram hearts your brand will get on the videos. IG algorithms support popular content (the one that gets many reactions), so purchasing Instagram likes can fast-track you to success and improve your Instagram presence.

But at the same time, the more high-quality likes your Instagram reels get, the larger the promotion of the content on the platform. Therefore, the reels popularity can snowball, which will lead to more sustainable growth.

Why should you care about your Instagram engagement?

With higher levels of engagement on your Instagram content, you can improve your standing on social media. If you are an influencer, you can attract more lucrative sponsors, willing to pay more for sponsorship opportunities. Therefore, you will be able to see an increase in your monthly revenues.

If you’re a business, the higher levels of IG likes on your content can help you improve your returns. You can get more focus on your content as Instagram promotes your content more. This activity will lead to more direct messages in your inbox and a higher level of revenue.

And more hearts on Instagram can help your other platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms.

Best Sites in the UK for Purchasing Instagram reels likes

Numerous sites can help you promote your reels and get Instagram likes for your content. Here is a list of some of the best sites to buy engagements. With some options, you can also promote your content on other social media platforms.

1. SocialsGrow

SocialGrows is one of the leading sites for buying Instagram engagements. Your account can benefit from several of their services, which include likes for any reel you publish. They offer a cost-effective solution that can help you improve the exposure of your Instagram profile and increase revenues.


There are several packages you can choose from that allow you to buy high-quality likes for your content. There are options to buy a few IG likes for your content paying really small amounts; for example, the £1.09 pack for 50 hearts.

There are also larger packages that allow you to purchase more Instagram likes for your account. They are costlier but still more cost-effective, and the highest is 50,000 for $209.09. And you can buy instagram followers too.


Since the company uses gradual delivery method, the larger the package you purchase, the longer it takes to deliver your Instagram hearts.

When you would like to make a purchase, all you do is select the package you want, provide the Instagram reel you would like to promote and then pay for the order.

Shortly afterwards, you will see an increase in the number of Instagram hearts on your account. Neither your Instagram password nor username are required for the service.

Why is SocialsGrow a good option?

There are numerous advantages when you buy Instagram reels likes on SocialsGrow. These include getting the views delivered organically to your Instagram profile. The company only sends real users’ accounts. Therefore, you will find no fake Instagram followers on your content.

The company offers discretion, so your personal details are protected from third parties. Moreover, nobody on Instagram will know that you’ve made a purchase. And if you have any problems with the service for your account, you can contact their excellent customer support team that works 24/7.

They also offer a money-back guarantee should you need it for any of their Instagram services.

2. BuyTopLikes

BuyTopLikes is considered one of the top sites to buy Instagram engagement from. With the platform, you can bypass some of the time it takes to build a highly successful brand and improve your exposure across social media, not just your Instagram profile.

BuyTopLikes offers Instagram engagement for as little as $1.39 for 25. This price is slightly higher than you get with other sellers on the list. Their most expensive option is 10,000 for $64.79.

As you build real engagement on your reel, the payback from your social media presence will be apparent with the help of this great service.

If you want to purchase from this service, then you simply select the service you want, highlight the reel you want to promote and then pay for the service. Within the next day, all the Instagram likes will be delivered.

Possible issues

However, there are some issues with this Instagram service. They offer lots of IG likes in a short period. If you don’t have a significantly high follower count, many people might think you’ve purchased fake accounts, something you want to avoid.

3. Socialplug

Another service that allows you to buy Instagram likes for your reels cheap and fast is socialplug. This option is considered a top service for cost, with prices as low as £0.04 per like. They are known to be able to deliver Instagram engagement quickly, with many of them delivered within five minutes of the placed order.

Possible issues

While many might consider this to be great, after all, there are lots of people who would like to get more instant results after they post instagram reels, but it doesn’t always help.

Such a quick turnaround makes it seem that you aren’t using active accounts, and the Instagram algorithm might detect this and consider that you’re not using real users’ accounts.

4. Likermoo

Those looking to buy Instagram likes can appreciate the options available on this platform. You can buy as many as 100,000 for just under $190.

Or you can purchase just a few likes for under $1. Those who buy on this website are promised a quick turnaround with likes appearing within 15 minutes and taking a maximum of 48 hours for orders to be complete.

Delivering over such a period allows the Instagram algorithm to recognise the interest as organic.

In addition, the site promises that the purchasing journey is simple and discrete. They offer support to their customers, with 24/7 customer support lines via live chat and email.

Possible issues

This service does not have any testimonials, so it may seem unrealible for some clients.

5. Fansforinsta

This Instagram service connects your account with lots of potential likes. When you make a purchase, which can be one of four simple package levels, you will start to see Instagram likes on your reels in less than one hour. The platform does not say how long it will take to deliver all the engagement.

This platform also promises typical guarantees, such as 100% safe likes, no password required, and only real users on their service.

They also provide email support for those who want to contact their customer service team.

6. Likes-views

Those looking for an improved social media presence, this service might be helpful. Purchasing is simple as most of the information requested is on one page.

They also promise to start delivering the Instagram likes quickly and complete orders within three hours of the payment.

So, if your Instagram page requires some attention, you might want to consider this option.

Possible issues

One of the concerns with this service is that the guarantee. They only offer a 30-day guarantee. After this date, any Instagram likes that were on your profile could be lost forever, which might undermine your long-term efforts.                     

7. Famups

For one of the most low-cost options for likes, famups is a potentially great option. They have just three package levels, with Instagram hearts up to 10,000. The minimum number you can purchase is 3,000. If there are any hearts that disappear from the reel, they will be refilled by the company, free of charge.

As with other websites to buy Instagram likes, there are guarantees, and you don’t need to provide a password or username.

All you need to send the company’s team is your reel URL. Purchasing is simple: you choose a package, complete your details, complete payment, and then see the results.

Advantages of buying Instagram likes

Buying Instagram reels engagement has numerous advantages. For instance, when you buy UK Instagram likes, you can get your content promoted faster, allowing you to benefit from your efforts to promote content quicker. You can also see an improvement in organic engagement as the Insta algorithm will notice the popularity of your content.

Therefore, you can build more organic and free likes on your content.

For those new to Insta, it can help them grow their accounts quickly. It can be very challenging to build new profiles, especially in competitive niches, and this makes purchasing very attractive to get a head start on the competition.


Here are some of the common FAQs asked about buying likes for IG Reels.

Is this purchase legit?

Those worried about how legitimate purchasing reel likes are can be assured that the process is relatively safe. This process is not legit only when fake accounts are used. However, platforms like SocialGrows offer the best real likes similar to those utilised on an Instagram paid campaign.

Can I lose my account after buying hearts?

There is no risk of losing your account when you purchase likes on a service. These services use real users, based across the world.

The best services also deliver likes over a protracted period. The longer the term of the service, the more organic the likes will appear. All of the most reputable services also offer guarantees your account will be safe.

Is there a chance that these likes disappear from my Instagram posts?

There are times when any likes can disappear. These disappearances are usually because the account have been deactivated. Therefore, there are a few times when hearts will disappear, but there are some of the services that will automatically replace them.

And if you purchase a significantly high-volume like option, losing one or two will not be significant. And you might not notice some of these disappearing if organic likes start to replace them.

How to choose the best service?

The best sites to buy Instagram likes are those offering the number of hearts you want and for a price within your budget. You might also want to consider the reputation of the brand selling the likes and the time it takes for delivery, the longer it takes, the more organic it looks.

Can somebody see that these likes are purchased?

No. There is no access to your account or any links between those accounts that like your reel and your profile. Therefore, there is no way that customers, the platform, or anyone else will know you have purchased Instagram likes for your account.

What is the best site to buy IG reels likes? 

Choosing the best site to buy instagram reels likes is not an easy thing to do. For those looking to buy UK Instagram likes, there are numerous options. SocialGrow and other platforms offer an excellent opportunity for growing your Instagram profile.

The costs vary but are usually very cost-effective, while offering quick timeframes for high-value returns on investment. So when choosing thebest provider, focus on your goals and estimate your budget.

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