Is A Regular Laptop Good For Gaming?

The gaming industry is taking the world by storm and has now become a billion-dollar industry that is looking to continue to expand. As a result, more and more people are shifting towards gaming and picking it up as a hobby for their spare time. While console gaming has always been strong, PC gaming has become one of the newest trends.

Do you need anything specific for PC gaming? While there are no specifics, there are things that you should have to make the experience that much better. Laptops, for example, can be great for gaming as they are portable, however you have to look to see if they are compatible with what you would like to do. Unlike consoles, computers and laptops might not be able to run the games that you are looking to play. As a result, you can ask the question, is a regular laptop good for gaming? Here is a breakdown that can hopefully answer the question for you.

Hard to Upgrade

The PC and laptop market is constantly changing with new parts coming out each and every year. As these parts come out, games will look to take full advantage of them to push their graphics and gameplay to the next level. What this means, is that in a few years, the laptop that you bought will become outdated and unable to run games that are coming out in the present.

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If you were able to buy a desktop computer, you could simply open it up and upgrade it by changing some of the parts. Laptops, however, are much more difficult to do that with. The experts of, mention that some laptops cannot be upgraded after they have been built. Does this mean that laptops are not good for games?

The answer to that is slightly more complicated. While yes, a laptop can become outdated, you can also future-proof it by buying high-end parts for it. This guarantees that your computer will last you for several years and work great. While they are hard to upgrade, a regular laptop definitely can be good for gaming in the right circumstances.

Stock GPUs

When looking at laptops, people generally classify them into two groups, gaming laptops, and regular laptops. Gaming laptops are those that are built specifically for the purpose of gaming. They will contain plenty of RAM, hard drive space, and also a mid to high-end video card. A standard laptop on the other hand will be lacking in the video card area.

This can be a major problem as a GPU is essential to running games and running them well. A stock GPU can run older games, however if you are looking to run the most recent AAA titles, you will not have much luck doing so. This is one of the reasons why people do not recommend a regular laptop for modern-day gaming. However, as mentioned, if you are looking to only play older games and games that are not graphically intensive, a regular laptop will work. When it comes to gaming, if you are looking for high-end performance, a regular laptop will not cut it for you.


One of the best features of a laptop over any other gaming console or desktop is that it is portable. Therefore, you can take your games wherever you want and play them on the go. Most gaming laptops that come out end up being extremely bulky and heavy. While they are marketed as portable, due to their weight and size, they become almost impossible to use on the go.

This is where a regular laptop can shine. If you need to take your laptop somewhere and want to get a few games in, or you are going to someone’s house, a regular laptop will allow you to transport it easily without any concerns. It is the best feature of laptops and what it lacks in power it makes up for in portability. Regular laptops are great for portable gaming and gaming on the go.

With all of these discussion points, you should be able to make your own educated decision on whether a standard laptop is going to be good for your gaming or not. Remember, that it comes down to what you plan on doing with the laptop and what games you end up wanting to play. Ensure that you do your research beforehand and make the best choice based upon budget and needs.

So, Please check your RAM, hard drive, processor before getting the laptop.

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