Old School RuneScape: Best Way to 99 Magic for F2P Players

Magic feels to most players like an endless cycle of clicking that needs spending a lot of money on runes. To one’s relief, reaching Level 99 does not require a great deal of effort if one utilizes the most effective training paths. Keep in mind that any serious training in OSRS is guaranteed to involve repetition since that is simply the architecture of the game. This 1-99 Magic Leveling Tutorial will go through some of the favored ways for Magic increase in OSRS, including various AFK Magic Training Techniques to spice up the monotony.

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A Few Quests Might Help You

If you’re the kind of player that likes to keep doing the same tasks over and over again in order to level up their Magic skill, then Old School RuneScape doesn’t have much to offer you. On the positive side, you’ll find a few quests which you can perform in the midst of an EXP harvesting session that grants a little bit more Magic experience than what you would normally get, like “Desert Treasure” (20K Magic XP) or “Watch Tower” (15K Magic XP).

Free-to-Play Quickest Method

Users of the free edition of the game are able to practice their Magic skills, but they have access to a very restricted spellbook and very few pieces of equipment. In a nutshell, if you put in the effort necessary, you can still reach level 99 in a reasonably short period of time if you play the game consistently.

Levels 1 through 29

To begin, the first stages of this free-to-play version of the Old School RuneScape magic guide are virtually exactly the same as the training for Members, with the exception that multi-elemental staves, as well as magic potions, are not accessible. In addition, there are significant restrictions placed on the Magic items and monsters that may be used for training, as there are going to be no upgrades available after reaching level 1.

Get a Wizard’s Hat, a Wizard’s Robe Top, an Amulet of Magic, a Zamorak Robe Bottom, as well as any elemental staff before beginning training with the basic attack spells. In this iteration of the game, this piece of equipment will provide the highest level of Magic accuracy.

Levels 29 through 43 to 55

Splashing the Curse spell is a method of training that is both reasonably quick and inexpensive, and it may be used till High-Level Alchemy is enabled. To ensure that every spell you cast has a splash effect, you need to equip yourself with a full set of armor and whether the Dragonhide Vambraces or just the Cursed Goblin Staff. It is possible to obtain around 29,000 experience points every hour, which is much more than other spells that may be cast until level 55.

Levels 13–37 and Beyond

Ogresses are the most lucrative monsters to defeat in F2P, despite the fact that they are vulnerable to magical attacks. You can kill them with Fire Strike or simply Fire Bolt, even if you are at a low level, since their tunnels have various safe zones within them. This is a rather simple approach for training while you are away from your character, and you can make as much as 100,000 GP each hour doing it.

Levels 55 to 99

Curse Alching is an additional technique that functions in a manner similar to that of Stun Alching; the main differences are the smaller-scale curse and the absence of multi-elemental staves. The plan is to use High-Level Alchemy in between each cast of Curse on an enemy while wearing a full set of gear and green dragonhide vambraces. The target creature will be under a curse. In addition, you may earn up to 100,000 points of experience every hour if you focus on becoming more efficient via practice.

One of the most popular spots in the free-to-play game to gain money is the Zamorak Wine spawn which is located above Falador. Since there is a significant amount of time off between banking and awaiting the wines to respawn, you are able to utilize the opportunity to perform High-Level Alchemy on any noted items that are currently in your inventory. You may generate close to 200,000 GP an hour while also obtaining a moderate amount of experience.

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