Perks of Monogamy

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Monogamy occurs when a person has one mate that they engage in a long-lasting relationship with. While everyone is not monogamous, if you choose to be, there may be benefits associated with having a long-term partner. Keep reading for a few reasons that this may be the case.

You Have Someone to Lean On

If you are monogamous, there will always be someone there for you to lean on. When you are having a bad day or you need someone to cheer you up, your mate may be the person that will make you laugh or have something comforting to say.

This is also someone that you can talk to about your day. They can support you in whatever way you need them to, and they should be around to do so, since you are in a close relationship.

You can read more about monogamy here: There is advice on how to determine if you should be monogamous or not in your relationships.

There is Higher Intimacy

Since many monogamous couples live together or are around each other regularly, this can also create a higher level of intimacy. There are multiple types of intimacy this may cover as well, depending on the nature of your relationship. At the same time, it is important to understand that a healthy level of intimacy is something that can strengthen a bond or marriage.

Intimacy may be in the form of sexual, physical, or even intellectual intimacy in the case of a couple. When you are able to talk and touch each other on a regular basis, this can have a positive effect on your bond with one another.

Monogamy May Improve Your Health

In certain instances, monogamy can be good for your health. A 2011 study shows that there was a better rate of survival of colon cancer in those that were married versus individuals that were single. This is something to consider if you aren’t sure whether you would like to be monogamous or not.

Think about the last time you had a cold or the flu. Was there someone there to take care of you? If you had a partner to take do things for you, this may provide some perspective on how a mate may help you improve your health.

They can also keep you accountable when it comes to exercising regularly and watching your eating habits. You can do the same for them.

The Children Can be Cared For

Another aspect of monogamy that shouldn’t be discounted is that it may be beneficial for children to have 2 parents to care for them. When there is a couple that can share the load of caring for an offspring, this can provide benefits for both parties, as well as the child.

Not everyone is monogamous, and this isn’t something that is concerning. If you do not want to have a relationship with one person, or you and your mate decide that you wish to add more people to your relationship, there are ways to approach this situation.

Make sure that everyone is on the same page and that all needs are being met. There should also be open communication between everyone in the relationship, so changes can be made along the way if need be. You should also do research on ethical non-monogamy, which may be able to provide you with answers to any questions that you have.


Monogamy may be considered the norm in some countries and communities, but this isn’t the only option available. However, if you are wondering whether there are perks when it comes to monogamy, there are many incentives that you may notice.

A mate can help you get through hard times, improve your health, and you can see a great level of intimacy. Besides that, two people can care for any offspring that a relationship brings.

Be sure to take all these perks into consideration when you are dating or determining what you want out of a relationship. It is up to you to decide what is right for you.

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