Simple and Clear: How to Get Real Followers on Instagram

Every user eventually wonders how to get real followers on Instagram. Ordinary users want to become more popular, and arbitrageurs and marketers want to promote an Insta account to monetize it later. 

In this article, we will analyze the current ways to get more Instagram followers.

Note: In the article, we will not consider the use of a bot that will automatically gain Instagram followers free.

What you need to attract followers

Before you start attracting followers, it is important to properly design a profile and outline a strategy.

The nickname of the account should be related to the topic where you want to develop (the exception is personal blogging), but even in blogging, the nickname should be simple, understandable, and memorable. 

Keep in mind that a nickname and a name are different things. For example, the account name is “keepeyesopen,” and the name is “Julia.” The nickname and name are included in the search results. If the account has gained some popularity, then by entering the name or nickname of the Google account you can find this profile.

After the profile settings, the account owner begins promotion. There are many ways to gain followers on Instagram, but in addition to using them, you need to adhere to the general rules of keeping an account. 

It is necessary to work on the content all the time (test new versions of posts, improve them), monitor the followers activity, and communicate with them.

Dialogue with followers raises activity, especially if you make “provocative posts.” Also, make a schedule for the release of posts/videos/stories and be sure to alternate formats — even if your account is created only for sales, there should also be entertaining and engaging posts among the product descriptions.

How to get real followers on Instagram


The way of attracting implies direct communication with the audience. There are several interactive options.

Using surveys, you engage followers in a dialogue. For example, you ask for advice and get feedback — people like to participate in simple polls, helping others, and you thereby increase activity. There will also be an extra opportunity to use stories that attract more attention than a simple post. By the way, you can attach links to third-party sources to stories.


  • Raises the activity of followers and improves interaction.
  • You can spend on any topic (decided to buy new sneakers or choose a new format of posts — find out the audience opinion.)


  • It is suitable only for accounts that have active followers (it is desirable to have 500-1,000 followers who are active under posts.)


Using giveaways, you can cheer up the audience no worse. For example, if you have a perfume store, then the follower who writes an interesting comment under the post will receive a set of samples.

Giveaways as advertising can be ordered from bloggers. This is a good option to get the first followers on Instagram and, as a rule, is quite fast. The blogger promotes your post, where the condition is to follow the channel and leave a comment and like under the post.

Examples of actions that followers can do to participate in the giveaway:

  • Tag friends under the post.
  • Publish a thematic post in your Instagram profile, tag your Inst.
  • Make a repost of your post in stories.


  • In 1-2 weeks, you can gain several thousand followers + the contest can catch a wave of HYPE, and this will bring additional free traffic.
  • To conduct the contest, you need an account with minimal content (5-10 posts) and 100 followers.
  • A wide variety of formats (like, comment, tag a friend under a post, participate in the stories contest.)


  • Losses of followers after the giveaway.


So you can also get followers on Instagram for free through hashtags, although it will not be easy to do it manually. But it is necessary to use them because this is an additional promotion.

Hashtags are a kind of target for posts. With hashtags, you help Instagram to classify the content in the picture into a certain category.

If there are problems with the selection of hashtags, then look at what competitors put down for similar posts. If the profile is already popular, then you can come up with a personal hashtag, according to which followers will always find posts. This will help in the promotion.


  • The easiest way to get into the TOP Instagram posts is hashtags to make you visible to unsigned people.
  • A personal hashtag helps the brand move faster.


  • Selecting hashtags manually is difficult. Therefore, it is better to choose a hashtag generator, for example Toolzu.


Remember, to get followers on Instagram — you need to be interesting. Therefore, expand your circle of interests or change the design of the Instagram page. In addition, follow the tips from this article, and you will succeed!

Good luck!

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