The Best VoIP Service Providers for Small Businesses

Running a business in today’s markets is not an easy task and it requires business owners to run each and every task personally and work towards building a better business for themselves. Unfortunately, this often involves doing everything on their own in the initial stage of their business.

This causes them to waste precious time and resources in tasks that could have been completed much faster if their business was large scale. They often do this since the budget of a small business is not the same as that of a large organization. This means that they often have to save money by doing all the basic tasks on their own. This includes all the setup tasks of starting a new business and this means that it includes setting up the office phones as well. Providing a communication medium to your employees will allow them to talk to the customers and aid them better each time. This means that they will need not just one but several phones.

Your only alternative to this would be to hire a call center which would be very expensive. In order to avoid this, you can choose a VoIP service for small businesses which would allow your employees to be able to practice all their customer care skills and prepare for taking care of any customer queries. Besides all this, business owners also have to connect their employees through a ton of communication channels.

This may include the basics such as WIFI, or go as advance as conference calling, video conferencing, etc. Setting up all of this is not just expensive but also very time consuming. Moreover, being connected on so many communication channels can drive employees crazy and make them loose their productivity for the entire day.

The best solution for this problem is to get a cheap business phone service or in other words, a VoIP. A VoIP is a virtual business phone service that can take care of almost all your business needs. This will let you focus on the important stuff while analyzing and tracking your phone calls in the background.

This makes it unnecessary to use any other means of communication for your employees. Your employees can work to provide you with results much faster since they would have to manage a single communication channel. This can be set up within 20 minutes of being purchased and can even work from any zip code.

These are also much cheaper than standard business phone services that use employee data to take over the workspace and occupy all your time. VoIP can be purchased online and the kind of VoIP you purchase depends on the kind of business phone service requirements you have. The three main deciding factors here are: number of lines required, number of employees, and the kind of VoIP meant to be used. Let’s take a better look at these factors:

Number of Lines Required

This states the number of phone lines you will need in your business. Most small businesses require just one line, while some may take it up till three. The number of lines depends on the number of departments in your company that require phone lines. This will also define the cost of the small business VoIP service that you choose to hire.

Number of Employees


This is the number of devices you will need VoIP services on. This number is a little complicated to calculate. One VoIP number can be used in multiple devices and therefore, it can be shared between different employees who work in the same department and need to answer the same calls.

On the other hand, if you need multiple customer care numbers operating at your dispersal, you would probably want to buy more numbers. One phone line can provide you with multiple numbers, but you should inquire about this from the VoIP service providers before buying from them. It must also be noted that buying one VoIP number and running it on multiple devices is not the same as running a call center. Some VoIP service providers may offer such a service but they also cost more.

Type of VoIP Service

The type of VoIP service you use defines the possibilities of what your business can do for its customers. If you want the ability to answer businesses calls when you are out of work, you can go for a cell phone-based VoIP service.

If it does not work out for you, you can go for a dual setup in advance that will let you switch between cell phone-based and physical device-based VoIP service to allow you the maximum flexibility to switch. On the other hand, if you just prefer using old school methods, you can go for a physical phone alone that will be a little pricier than the purely cell phone-based VoIP and cheaper than the dual setup one.

Once you use the above tips to calculate the price of the required VoIP service, you can see if it is in your budget or not and this will help you in making your final choice for your VoIP business phones. These VoIP services come with several technological advantages. This includes call tracking – feature which is mostly unheard of in the field of business phone services. It also lets you see the zip code of your called.

This can allow you to analyze the demographic of your callers and analyze them into various groups. It also has the ability to monitor everything online. Everything here implies everything. This means that you can control calls, see the duration of each call, listen to recordings of the calls later and even delete records. The phone service will also make periodic analysis of each kind of phone call. This will mean that help you in easily seeing your data and making changes in your customer policies.

While VoIP services are new to the business world, they are here to help your business rise to the top. Choosing the right small business VoIP will ensure that you don’t have to waste time and money and can get down to making profits right away.

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