What Can You Do When Your Teen Wants to Abandon a Long-Held Goal?

Teens are consistently told about the importance of cornerstone courses, such as English, science and math. These three heavyweights feature prominently as prerequisites for postsecondary institutions and often make up significant components of standardized testing.

Despite teachers and parents waxing poetic about the importance of performing well in these subjects, some teens are simply uninterested or unmotivated at the thought of the ‘big three.’

So what do you do when your teen says that they want to quit a foundational subject — one that’s a prerequisite to their entry to a college or university course that they’ve longed to pursue? Read on to find out how courses at virtual high schools can help.

Discuss the Problem Rationally

First, have a discussion. Don’t be distressed or too emotional if your teen expresses a desire to drop an important subject. Simply telling them that they’re not allowed to drop the course will only lead to deeper frustration and possible resentment.

Instead, try to get to the root of the problem. Approximately 8% of teens have an anxiety disorder at the age of 13; one in every five teens report being bullied during the school year. And 61% of teenagers between 13 and 17 say that they feel stress when it comes to performing well and getting good grades.

What might be perceived as a lack of motivation or sudden disinterest could be caused by a much bigger issue. Talk with your teen and secure professional help if you feel the problem runs a little deeper.

Explore Other Learning Opportunities

Consider other learning opportunities to help restore your teen’s interest in, or even passion for, an important subject.

Hire a Tutor

If you’ve found your teen is falling a little behind in their classes (perhaps a single topic has got them stumped), a tutor might be able to help. Tutors can be secured online and can provide reliable, relatable and practical after-school assistance in whatever subject is of concern.

Consider Virtual School

Virtual schools are ideal for most scenarios when a student feels disenchanted with their work. Today, students can take any number of subjects, including English, math, and science. Well-established schools often offer upwards of a hundred different courses!

If science or math classes are at stake, some forward-thinking virtual schools have elevated the STEM learning experience by embracing Gizmos to strengthen students’ knowledge. Gizmos encourage students to explore, analyze and draw conclusions in various real-world situations, each captured by interactive and creative animations. Each learning opportunity uses progressive technology and the most up-to-date teaching standards.

Because virtual schools offer an asynchronous learning structure, students don’t need to drop everyday schooling. In fact, students can take any number of courses and earn their credits online from the comfort of home and in tandem with classes at their brick-and-mortar school.

The Takeaway

Math, English and science are all vitally important subjects. If your teen requires a set number of credits in these fields to gain entry to their desired college or university, persevere with them. Get to the root of the issue and explore other learning opportunities when possible. They’ll be sure to thank you later.

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