The Most Popular Types of Smartphone Games in 2022

The advancements made in technology have resulted in a number of new and improved gaming platforms for people to tuck into. One notable emergence has come from the world of mobile gaming, with more and more of us utilizing the gaming benefits on offer with our miniature handheld devices.

Our smartphones are more sophisticated than ever, the games they can house have never been better, and there are accessories that can be purchased to elevate certain titles, such as virtual reality headsets and even controllers.

The sheer amount of mobile gaming products that people can sample has never been so diverse, too. What is tricky to determine, though, is the most prominent types of games being downloaded right now. With that in mind, let’s assess the most popular types of mobile games right now in 2022.

Digital card games

Tasking players with collecting virtual cards that can take down rival players online, digital card games are another instant favorite in the mobile category of gaming. Packs of cards can be purchased with ease, typically for a sum of money, then gamers can assemble a killer selection. Some games allow players to trade with each other, too.


Putting brain power to the test by tasking a player to think critically, puzzle games have always been popular. Their popularity is showing no signs of waning in the modern world either, particularly given the new and improved puzzle creations that are coming our way.

From word-related products and the likes of Sudoku, to logic puzzles and tile-matching games, puzzle products remain popular. We’re even seeing the emergence of more advanced puzzle titles, with some games featuring role-playing scenarios and others providing adventure-based gameplay alongside some tricky puzzles to solve.


Regularly featured on television advertisements and websites, online casino games have shown dramatic growth. Given the new and improved smartphones people use to typically access an online casino, the games that are being housed on most reputable sites have never been so good.

Live games are now prominently featured, themed slot games on world-famous bands are in demand, online casinos now boast new and improved security features that can’t be found anywhere else, and the products on offer generally provide a genuinely entertaining gaming opportunity. Put simply, casino games have never been so attractive.


Providing the ultimate casual gaming package, arcade games are a go-to option for many mobile users. They don’t require much brain power, they typically don’t take themselves too seriously, they provide enough of a challenge to keep gamers engaged, and people strive to get power-ups, unlock bonuses, and smash their previous high score. Arcade games will always be popular on smartphone devices it seems.

Battle royale

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Due to the success of releases like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, battle royale products are extremely popular. Generally consisting of fast-paced multiplayer action between teams and individual players in an online environment, they serve up the chaos many gamers crave.

With time on their side and kill counts being monitored, battle royale products are some of the most competitive games out there. The fact that many console-quality battle royale products are now making the transition over to mobile makes them even more impressive to sample on a portable handheld device, too.


Sports fans are some of the most loyal consumers on the planet, so it probably comes as no surprise to learn that sports games are being regularly explored on smartphone devices.

Essentially enabling players to recreate sporting situations in a virtual world, sports games are fun and massively popular, particularly when assessing the leading soccer releases and basketball games, for example.

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