Top 10 Global Illustration Trends

Illustration trends have changed a lot with the flow of time and gained new and interesting forms. The understanding of modern trends and tendencies will help you make your website or application more visually attractive to the users. It is interesting to know that alongside modern alternatives old-school tendencies become adopted to new realities and are extremely popular.

 Below you will find an inventory of illustration trends 2022 year will present us. This information can help you improve the UX design of your product and engage more users.

1. Abstract illustrations

 2022 will witness the rise of geometric illustrations due to their application in both complex and minimalist sets. Due to various geometric shapes such illustrations are eye-catching. However, the presented images must translate a clear idea or concept and have positive vibes. Otherwise, the visitors of your website may be embarrassed or even irritated.

2. Calling for positive associations

 Taking into account the rhythm and atmosphere of modern life, especially in terms of COVID-19, people appreciate illustrations that can make them feel happier. Due to this in the following year attractive and playful images will be entirely beneficial. 

 To make illustrations more eye-catching and funny web designers make use of gifs that remind us of cartoons. If you want to add such illustrations to your web product, make sure they fit the context.

3. Old-school design

 Many people appreciate the years that have passed and enjoy feeling a kind of nostalgia. That is why the illustrations that resemble 90s style can make your website special and appealing. However, it can be difficult to adopt old patterns to modern trends. Parallax website can easily cope even with the most sophisticated design requirements and find the right balance between past and future.

4. Minimalist Style

  Minimalism is one of the most popular tendencies starting from 2010. The art of line composition makes a light and pleasant impression on the Internet users. Despite being simple such illustrations can have a powerful effect on people. They are elegant, affordable, and memorable.

5. Detailed Illustrations

 The popularity of minimalism doesn’t exclude the application of detailed illustrations. This style presents realistic images that encompass a number of eye-catching elements. The technological advances allow complicated illustrations without sacrificing its quality.

 In 2022 illustrations with strong concepts and ideas are likely to dominate the IT sector. However, such works can be done only by talented, patient, and devoted designers.

6. 3D illustrations

  3D illustrations represent a style known as futurism. A number of websites make use of attractive three-dimensional images that engage new Internet users. The popularity of futurism and appealing graphic elements can be explained by advanced technologies. In the next year such illustrations are expected to be presented in games, apps, and high-quality user interfaces.

7. Isometric Illustrations

 This trend is new, but quickly evolving one. Isometric illustrations mean placing three-dimensional objects on a plane surface. They are frequently used for UI design purposes. Due to bright colours and interesting shapes these images are visually appealing and grab users’ attention. 

 8. Limited palette

  Despite a wide variety of complex illustrations, flat ones are still very popular and can be entirely beneficial for some websites. Bold colors bring about a joyful atmosphere. Due to simple illustration in terms of colour and shades such images can attract attention to some vital aspects and transmit vital information.

9. Gradients

 Gradient illustrations are perfect for creating the overall mood people have when looking at them. Making use of warm colours and blurring the lines they are visually attractive and eye-catching. For some websites such a style can influence Internet users in this or that way. You may wonder why and the answer is simple. It is psychologically proven that different colors affect our mood and actions.

10. Printmaking

 The popularity of print-like illustrations can be explained by the application of traditional and physical techniques. The vast majority of them are warm and provoke pleasant feelings. Such printed images unlike digital textures when used on the pages of your website can make Internet users feel something spiritual.

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