3 Easy Methods To Find Your Wifi Password

Today we are going to teach you how you can try to find wifi password which you forgot on your Windows as well as your Mac computer.

You will be able to do this with the help of the settings of your computer, or you can also do it by accessing the settings page your of your router.

Wifi password

If all of this fails, then you can try to reset the router of yours and it will restore the default factory password.

You will not be able to determine the network’s password of yours on the mobile of yours.

Here are the methods

Method 1 – Finding your Password on the Windows 

  1. Click on the wifi icon.

You will be able to find that icon on the far-right side available on the taskbar which is at the bottom part of the screen of your computer. By doing this, you will be able to prompt the menu of your wifi to appear on the screen.

This is a method which only works if your computer is currently connected to the network wifi for which you forgot the password.

If you are in a case in which you see an icon on the computer screen of yours which does resemble as a computer monitor which is next to a cable, you are in a position where you are connected to the router of yours via the Ethernet. You will not be able to use the Ethernet connection if you want to determine the wifi password of yours.

2. Click on the network and settings. You will be able to find it at the bottom of wifi menu.

3. Click on the wifi tab. It is available on the left side of Settings window.

4. Click on the option of change adapter. This is a link which is available on the top-right corner of your wifi page, which is just beneath “Related settings”. By doing this you will open the page of Control Panel.

5. Next you need to click on the current wifi network. You will be able to see an icon which is monitor-shaped with the green bars which are next to it available on this page; this is the current network of yours.

6. Click on the view status of this connection. It is a menu item which is available just below the address bar which is at the top of Network Connections window.

7. Click on the option of Wireless Properties. This is an option which is available in the middle of window.

8. Click on the tab of security. You will be able to find the tab which is available at the top of window. Once you are done, a page will open which has a “Network security key” field which is near the middle of page; this is the location where the password of yours is stored.

9. You have to check on the box which says “Show characters”. It is down below the tab of “Network security key”. This is going to replace black dots which are in the field of “Network security key” with the wifi password of yours.

Method 2 – With the use of Router’s Stock Password

  1. Click on the icon for wifi. You will be able to find it in the right side of the taskbar of the computer which is at the bottom screen of yours. By doing this you will be able to prompt the wifi menu which will appear on the screen you’re yours.

This is a method which only works if you are currently connected to the wifi network for which you’ve forgotten the password.

If you instead see icon that resembles a pc monitor next to a cable here, you’re connected to your router via local area network. You can’t use local area network association to work out your Wi-Fi countersign.

2. Check the router unit for your password.

Most makers place the password of router on a sticker that is on the rear or all-time low of the router unit.[1]

This is a password which is typically close to the “SSID” heading.

In most cases, password are going to be an extended string of letters and numbers, each upper-case and lower-case.

3. Look for password of yours within the router manual or the box.

Within the unlikely event that you just still have the router’s original packaging and manual, you’ll be ready to realize a replica of the login sticker within the packaging, listed within the manual (or on the rear of it), or on a separate card that was enclosed with the router. This can be solely necessary if you cannot realize the stock the password on your router.

Unfortunately, you cannot look on-line for your router’s documentation, as your password of router is exclusive to your model.

4. Consider using your router’s bypass to attach.

Most routers enable you to attach by pressing a “WPS” button on the rear of the router so choosing the network on your laptop, mobile item, console, or amusement unit. As long as you decide on the network among thirty seconds more or less, this can enable you to attach your laptop (or different item) while not got to understand the watchword.

Not all routers have this feature, thus check your model’s enclosed (or online) documentation for a WPS (or Wi-Fi Protected Setup) feature.

This step will not assist you discern the Wi-Fi watchword, however it’ll enable you to attach to the web on the connected item, which may assist you notice the watchword victimization one amongst the opposite strategies listed below.

Method 3 – Finding your Password on the Mac

1. Open the Finder.

Then click on the icon of Finder app, which does resemble as a blue face which in on the Mac’s Dock of yours.

On the Mac of yours, you will not be able to connect to the wifi of yours with network with the help of which you will be able to find wifi password of yours.

2. Click on the Go. This is a menu item which is in row of items menu which are in left side at the top of the Mac’s screen of yours.

3. Click on the Utilities. It is in Go menu at the drop-down.

4. You have to double-click on the Keychain Access. It is on the key-shaped app which is in Utilities folder.

5. Locate the network’s name of yours and you have to double-click on it.

This is name which you will be able to see when the Mac which connects to wifi network.

You will be able to sort the list of Keychain alphabetically just by clicking the Name category available near the top of Keychain of the window.

6. Check on the box of the “Show password”. It is near the bottom of network window of desktop.

7. Enter the administrator password when it is prompted. This is a password which you can use to log in the Mac of yours. Entering the password correctly on your administrator will force wifi network password to get displayed in password field.


So these were the top methods to get your wifi password. You can try any one of them according to your requirement.

I hope we were able to answer your question how to get your wifi password and if you found this article helpful then please let us know in the comment down below and if you do have any other questions then you can mention them in the comments as well.