7 Amazon Chrome Extension For The Amazon FBA Sellers


Most probably if you are reading this article then you are an Amazon FBA seller and looking for chrome extensions for amazon. You might remember that you did opt for the FBA when the 1st time you opened the store of yours.

Maybe you are new to all this and you don’t know how the FBA would be able to help you the business that you are running on Amazon.

The full form of FBA is (Fulfillment by Amazon) which is a group that fulfills that is run by the Amazon Company itself and provides you with solutions regarding the problems you are facing. This allows users to get easier and faster access to trading.

If you did opt for the FBA then it would mean that you did let Amazon pick up from your store and then pack it and then finally deliver the products that you are selling to the customers for you.

This will help you to save your money and also it will save you time. You can opt for it if you want some extra help in the business that you run on Amazon.

amazon chrome extension

Here you are going to find a list in which we will provide you several chrome extensions for amazon FBA sellers which is going to help you run your business in a better way.

These amazon chrome extension would be very beneficial for you and you can use them to help you run your business. Here the extensions that we have provided are specifically for Chrome.

They might work in any other browser that you use and you can definitely give it a try if you are not a huge fan of Google Chrome.

Here is the complete list of 7 Amazon Chrome Extension For Amazon FBA Sellers

1. The Camelizer Extension

Official website: https://camelcamelcamel.com/

Here you will be able to watch price graphs for any of the products that you want to go for. Whenever you are on any page which consists of a product, this extension will automatically get activated and you don’t even need to go off the page to look at those price graphs that are provided by this extension. You just have to click on the extension and the graph will be in front of you.

Here you can also watch for some of the products that you want to watch specifically and then you will be notified automatically whenever the price fluctuates for that product. This tool is completely free to use and one of the most useful apps that are available overall.

2. Keepa – Amazon Price Tracker

Official Website: https://keepa.com/

Keepa Chrome extension is a basic tool that is very similar to the Camelizer but it has very similar and useful features in it. Here on this extension, you will be able to get a good price tracker for the products that are present on Amazon and also you will be able to get the selection of all the deals which do include products with their price drops and all the products that are highly popular on the Amazon for the Amazon FBA sellers. This website is created by a seller itself only for all the sellers and he is Sascha Authur.

3. Amazon FBA Keyword Tool For Amazon Sellers

Official Website: https://app.sellerseo.com/

Here this tool is completely free if you want to get started and further if you get into it than you pay for the features that are extra on this extension. There are approximately 12 different tools that can be used for the management of your product. It even includes keyword tools so that you can keep the store of yours in the standards of search engine optimization.

It has a very clean interface and the support provided is also very good. You can easily use it and also navigate very quickly on this tool. It is basically designed for the Amazon sellers who are really into it.

4. Jungle Scout: Chrome Extension

Official Website: https://www.junglescout.com/

It is one of the most useful extensions that you can find. This extension will allow you to sell your product with the data that could be trusted and this will ensure you a good product launch.

Here they give you a guaranteed 100% money-back which will ensure you a good investment for your business. There is a range of services that are provided by them and also the complete tracking of the product. IF you want to use this extension then you will have to pat at least $97 but that is a one-time investment.

5. FBA Calculator Free Extension

It is a very user-friendly extension and also you can use it for free. This tool will calculate the then tells you about the commission that you are going to get. It is one of the best tools for Amazon FBA sellers. You can easily add it as your extension and you can further use it.

With the use of this tool, you will surely gain more profit.

6. AMZscout for Amazon FBA sellers

It is an extension for which you will have to pay on a monthly basis and will help you so that you can make decisions about the products. It will tell you which product you should sell and which one you should not.

You will get all the information that is related to sales and you will get all the support that you need when you are using this extension.

7. AMZ Keyword Suggestions Tool

If you want to get a tool for the research of keywords then you can consider this AMZ Keyword Suggestions Tool as it will help in the research of keywords. You can see what all products are mostly searched by the customers with the help of this tool. This tool is available as an extension for your Google Chrome browser.


So these were the list of top 7 Amazon chrome extensions for Amazon FBA. These were some tools that are really helpful to the Amazon sellers. There are also some other extensions like ds amazon quick view chrome extension and amz seller browser which I will try to cover in some other article.

I hope this article was helpful to you and if it was then please tell us in the comments down below.

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