Top 9 Amazon Review Trader Websites

We all know how important it is to get reviews on a product so that it can sell better.

If a product has really good reviews, the product will sell a lot better automatically. Reviews help up to know the quality of a product if it is good or bad.

It’s obvious that products with no reviews will not sell well because there is no trust generated for that product in the customer.

Therefore, sellers should know some websites which provide reviews for Amazon products.

So here we have some of the top websites which provide Amazon review sites.

According to me both the sellers and the buyers will get really benefited by all of these sites which provide reviews.

How review sites can benefit buyers and sellers?

When a person is looking for a product he/she looks for the reviews first of all. So, there review sites will benefit them as they get more reviews to look at and decide whether they want to buy a product or not.

Also, these websites sometimes have some offers going on due to which a buyer can get a discount on the product that he wants, and sometimes he/she can get a product for free when he gives a review to a product.

For sellers, it is beneficial because they get more reviews on their products and this will help their products to sell better on the website.

Amazon review sites are legal or not?

There was a time when the buyer has to give a review if he/she wanted a discount in exchange for a simple unbiased review of a product on Amazon but now things have changed.

Now things have changed a bit and also the way these review sites worked has also changed.

With all the changes that occurred many review sites did shut down but there are still some websites that are working and are completely legal.

Here is the list of some top websites for Amazon reviews.



It is one of the best and the oldest websites for Amazon reviews. This website has a very neat interface and this makes it very easier for anyone to list products.

For the review, you have to register your account on this website and a reviewer will be able to give a review to your product.

When a person leaves his 1st review he can take only one product and for the 2nd time he can give 2 reviews and can take 2 products and after that, he can take 3, but this is the maximum amount.

One this is good here that there is no approval needed to take for sellers.



It is one of the most amazing and most discounted websites as you can get any product here for a whopping 100% discount.

You don’t even need to pay any fees to get a free product on this website.

For this to happen, first of all, you have to register an account on this website and then you have to choose the product on this website that you like the most and then you have to take the quota and yes it is free and then further you can buy that product on the Amazon website.

Once you are done with this process you have to go back to the Cashbackbase website and give them their order details and within a few days, you will get your cashback.

This is almost similar to all the other websites but the only difference is that you don’t need to provide a review for this offer to be applicable.



You might have heard the name AMZ Review trader if you are familiar with these types of websites.

Now their name has changed to Vipon from amzreviewtrader.

This is one website that has a collection of amazing products. You can easily list the products of your choice easily on this website and also you can easily get an item about 20 times.

People do like this website because it provides amazing offers such as a 50% discount and even 100% discount on a wide range of products.

You need to get approval for each product you choose and this is the only drawback about this website.

This is a great thing for the sellers because they can list their products according to the buyers.



This website is a newcomer in this type of business but it gained popularity really quickly because a buyer can add about 10 products in a single go and that is why the buyers a loving this website a lot.

Most of their products are at 50 to 99% discount but they also have some free products in their listing.

They have a great collection of products and you should definitely check them out.



There is a reason why this website is the most popular among all the websites that are listed in this list and this is, this website has a continuous 20 to 99% discount going on for their product.

Also, they directly send you the coupon on in your inbox, that’s why you don’t need to wait for the coupon to arrive.

Most of their coupon codes work and the chances of error are nearly close to 0.



This is a review website for the seller and it is also called the Amazon review club.

They have the most amazing and a very good range of collection with them and their services for the sellers are far cheaper as compared to all the other websites.

This website is not specifically made for the buyers but still, you can check them out if you want.

They do come with some quality offers to provide and they will mail you the offers and the coupon codes, so you don’t need to log in again and again on their websites to get any offers.



This is also a very good website but to join them you need to pay 0.99$ for a month.

But believe me, it’s a lot cheaper when compared to the other websites. This website gained a lot of attention in very less time.

Sellers across the world can list their products at a very good discount. This website also sends some emails to all the buyers to provide reviews.

This is a really good thing because if the buyer liked your product and because of that mail give your product a review then it will give positivity to that product and grow its chance of selling.



This is also a new website but this also gained popularity as you can guess because it made it in this list!

What made this website so popular is the really good interface with amazing deals on most of their products.

People love this website and if you didn’t check this website, you should! Because of all the facts, sellers might be really getting some benefits to buy their review service.

This website is giving some thought competition to big websites and might gain a lot more popular if they work in the same manner.



This website has come a really long way from where it was. It is one of the oldest websites that are present on this list.

This website has all the high-quality products available with them and the variety of the products that are available on this website is also really good and attractive to many of its users.

This website works similar to almost all the websites that are present on this list.

You have to ask before you take the coupon from them and apply it. The offers generally vary from 90% to 100% on their website.

People love this website because of the trust build up with this website and also because of their offers.

They also have a very clean interface. You should definitely check their website if you haven’t yet.


There were many other popular websites that you might know and we haven’t mentioned them in our listing because due to some changes in the Amazon website they have either changed the way they used to word and are not as efficient as they used to be.

Some of them have even shut down such as the Elite deal club and I love to Review.

These websites did shut down because they were not making a profit anymore and were going on a loss.

These websites were not left with any choice to make. Some new websites took place of them and we listed them in our Article.

So here we have presented you with some of the best review websites that are available on the internet.

There are also many other websites like these and we will try to list them again.

You should definitely check the websites that we have mentioned in our article and if you also know some other websites better then there then you can mention them in the comments below.

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