3 Alternatives to the Amazon Selling Machine

Here we are with another article for you and what is going to do is try to give you a review of the different alternatives for the Amazon selling machine. There alternatives that we are going to provide you are cheaper as compared to Amazon selling machine.

Here are the top alternatives for the Amazon selling machine 

1. Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum

amazing selling machine

This is one such course which is available for the users from 2009. The founder of this course jim has a very long and good history with the e commerce.

Cost of this course is not too high, it cost $399 only. They have a lot of members that are doing this course. They do have their software of their own and it is going to help you in doing the research for your product.

This is a type of course which have almost everything that you have got to know about the Amazon and it will sure help you to become a really successful Amazon FBA seller.

The course that is offered by jim is not bad but if compare it to Amazon selling machine than I would say that sometimes it feels like it needs got be a bit more organized. Good thing about their course is that they do have a special community on Facebook and also a support forum running where you can tell them about any of the complaint you have and they are most likely to reach out to you to solve that issue.

2. Online Retail Mastery by Beau Crabill 

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The founder of this course Beau is a dropout from his college. He is a person who has been doing the e commerce from when he was just 13 years old. He says that from the time that he doesn’t even remember he had a mind running towards entrepreneurship. He says that unlike the Amazon selling machine, he has a course in which is tries to offer his students about the different models for the Amazon FBA businesses.

He claims that the things that he teaches help the sellers to become a seller who is ungated and who tries to sell the brands which are majorly for the retail on the Amazon just by finding the suppliers which are qualified. Also he is not a big fan of the private labeling.

Some of the major brands that you do see in the retail stores which are really big like the Target, Best Buy , Wal Mart, Macy’s and many more.

From all of the case studies that he tries to show in the accounts that are his personal and the students, his model of business do hold a lot of advantages that are really promising from the labeling that is private all of the retail brads almost makes 80% from the online sales that occur.

With the guidance of Beau’s you can easily start to grow your business and the results that you will get would most probably be long term too.

There is one advantage of Beau over the Amazon selling machine and that is, Beau shows how you can sell the big brands on the Amazon. Amazon selling machine does not offer you this.

3. Amazon freedom course by Dan Vas

asm course

As a young coach, Dab Vas is a very legit person in actual. He is a person who can easily explain anything to anyone and this is a special gift given by god to him. He tells things in such a way that it becomes very easy to understand anything irreverent of the fact that how difficult it is to understand it.

He also has a YouTube channel and he does have a little bit of subscribers on it. This is the place where for the first time I was introduced to him. I did used to watch lots of videos which are related to Amazon FBA sellers and the most beneficial and top quality content that I found regarding this topic was on his channel. I have been watching his videos for quite a while and I would definitely recommend it to everyone who is reading this article to watch his videos.

The Amazon freedom course that he is offering will defiantly help you in a similar way in which the Amazon seller machine helps you. This will surely put you on a right track and lead to you the path of success.

If you watch his videos, you will be able to leave behind the pitfalls that are really common and you the good part is Dan will always be there to guide and help you out in the group on Facebook.

The best part is, it is very much affordable when we compare It to Amazon seller machine.


asm course amazon

Amazon seller machine is one of the best course that you can get no doubt in that but is not very affordable. If you want any course which is a bit more affordable than you can go for the courses that I provided you in this article.

Overall I would like to say that these alternatives for asm course Amazon are not as good as Amazon selling machine but sure you can give them a try too if you want to save some money and get good information.

So this was the complete amazon seller machine review. If you have any other course in your mind for the asm course then you can mention it in the comments down below. If you liked this article on asm Amazon and it was helpful to you then please let us know in the comments down below.

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