7 Ways by which you can Get Free Stuff on Amazon

Everyone likes free stuff of course! And you will be glad to know that there are some ways by which you can get free stuff on Amazon. Here we are with few methods by which you can get to know how to get stuff for free on Amazon. All of these methods we have mentioned in this article have guaranteed success.

how to get free stuff on amazon

I know you all most me wondering that why anyone or any company would give you stuff for free. Well there is a quite good explanation for that. This helps the sellers to promote their product which might eventually give a boost to their sales. Also there are some sellers who will ask for a review in exchange for a free product and we all know that how important reviews are to give boost in the sales. Everyone looks at the reviews of a product before buying it which is a major reason why companies exchange reviews for free products.

One more reason is there that sometimes there are more products in the seller’s inventory then they need. So instead of throwing them or destroying the whole inventory they offer their customers products for free which will help them get a positive impact to their company and will also make the company more popular.

So finally you know why companies offer free products to their customers you need to know from where you can get them and for that you need to follow this article to know how to get free stuff from Amazon.

1. Groups on Facebook

Groups on Facebook

There are many groups on Facebook which can offer you free Amazon products in exchange for a review and also free things on Amazon without even doing anything. You can join these groups and follow them to get free products.

But you have to be a bit careful here because it is not as simple as you think. You just don’t have to go to a link from there and get a product for free without paying anything. Their condition is that first of all you have to buy a product and then you have to a pay for it too. Once the product has arrived then you have to show a copy of the receipt to them only after that you will get the cash back. If you don’t show them any proof, you will not get any product for free.

2. Cashbackbase.com


It is a website which is one of the most popular and most also heavily discounted as you can get any product here for a of 100% discount. You don’t even have to pay any fees if you want to get the product for free on this website.

First you have to register your account on this website and further you have to select the product from their list that you like the most and then at last you have to take the quota which is free. After that you can go on Amazon and buy that product.

Once you have completed this process you will have return back to the Cashbackbase and give them the details of your order and within a few days you are going to get your cash back.  This is very much similar to all of the other websites but the difference is that there is no need to provide a review for the offer to be applicable.

3. AMZDiscover.com


This is one such website which is primarily made for the sellers to have trader community developed. Here a buyer can also go to get free products and it is a good place for them also. Sellers also come to this website to find buyers to review their products in exchange for a free product.

Sellers demand for a positive review in exchange for a product. To achieve this, first of all you will have to create an Amazon account. Then further you will have to mail to the website about which type of products you are interested in and also your Amazon profile page.

Then you will have to wait for some time. You will notice sellers sending you requests to give them a positive review in exchange of a free product. It is one of the simplest ways to earn money on Amazon.

4. You can be an Amazon Pro Reviewer

If you want to be a pro reviewer then you first of all you will need a solid following. For this you will need a well-known blogging website or a well-known YouTube channel. If you don’t have either one of these then I suggest you to look at the other methods that are mentioned in this article.

If you are thinking of blogging and creating a YouTube channels for reviewing then you will have to give a lot of time and dedication to make it really successful. Then only you will get free products for reviewing. Once you gain a good amount of following you will get all the return in almost no time.

Now for the people who already have a good amount of social media following. You can easily get free products to review or to feature in your channel or your blog. You can try to mail companies telling them about your channel or your blog and you will review their product for a certain amount or for free. If you have a huge amount of following then you don’t even need to do this as companies are going to reach you themselves to review their products and they will also pay you are huge amount for that.

5. Tomoson.com


This website is especially for the influencers and the sellers. Here sellers ask for the influencers to review their products in return of free product. And an influencer reviewing their product gives them the assurance that they are going to get something in return for their product that they are giving for free.

First of all you have to gain some followers on Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. Once you gain followers you have to apply on this website to become an influencer. Then brands will go through your profile and will automatically contact you to do the review of their products.

If you want a brand to contact you to review their products, you will have to make your social media profile as strong as possible. It is obvious that brands will want to choose the influences that have a strong following rather than the one with a week profile. If you want to be chosen by big brands then you have to be consistent and really serious about social media influencing. This might be not one of the easiest ways to get free products but it is actually for those people who are looking forward to make a career in social media marketing.

Overall I would say this website is not for those people who are looking just for some free products and nothing else.

6. You can become a Vine Reviewer

This is a community run by Amazon itself where its trusted reviewers can give their opinions about a pre released product on the website. Here the aim of the company is to make customers help the other customers to gain knowledge about the product before they make a purchase. These people are chosen by Amazon on the basis of the rank of the reviewers.

Once you are chosen, Amazon will send you a free product to review and that review cannot be changed at any cost no even by Amazon itself.

This tells you that giving a review on Amazon is not a complete waste of time after all. You can improve you rank and might get a chance to become a Vine Reviewer in the future. So never leave the review area blank once you buy a product.

7. Free Products given by Amazon to their customers

There are many programs run by Amazon by which you can get free products such as-

You can get free eBooks from amazon. Actually there are a lot of free books available at amazon.

There are free digital albums available at Amazon where people can listen to the music for free.

There are sample box programs run by Amazon where you can get free samples form Amazon for which you will get a cash back from amazon in the form of Amazon Pay balance.

You can get around 5 GB of free cloud storage on Amazon.

You can get Amazon prime free trail for 30 days.

You can get free applications from Amazon.

You can also get free audio books from Amazon too.

Conclusion –

Overall these were some of the top methods to get free products from Amazon. I hope you liked the article and if you know some other ways to get free products form Amazon then you can mention them in the comments down below.

Also share your thoughts and opinions on getting free products on Amazon. We would love to read them.

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