How you can Get paid by Giving Reviews to Products on Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce websites where you can shop almost anything that you want. The variety of options amazon offers makes it so popular among customers. Amazon offers more than a total of 400 million products on its website.

There are so many ways through which you can earn money on Amazon including selling products on Amazon. Today in this article we are going to tell you some ways through which you can earn money online by writing reviews on Amazon and get paid for Amazon reviews by them for doing it. And yes I am serious, you can do that!

As we all know if anyone wants to buy a product 1st thing he is going to do is check its reviews and rating and then further decide if the product is worth purchasing or not.

If you are running a business on an e-commerce website, you would like your customers to give a lot of good reviews to your products so that more are more people buy products from you and it grabs more attention and trust of their customers. So isn’t it obvious that big companies would be willing to pay some amount to people to give some positive reviews to the products on their website and give a push to their sales? If to see towards the rules and regulations of Amazon, it is not allowed to do paid Amazon reviews, but they still do it.

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So at this point in time, you all must be wondering that will you get paid for writing those small reviews for any product on Amazon under the product or is there any catch? Well, don’t worry as you can get paid for writing those small reviews on their website.

How you can get paid to write reviews on the website Amazon

Amazon allows its customers to drop a review for any product that they buy from their website. These reviews help customers to see the real quality of any product and it actually increases the chances of selling that product by a huge margin.

This review system also helps Amazon to see which product should be listed at the top and which product should be listed at the bottom. If a product has a high rating then it would be featured at the top and if the product is having a bad rating then obviously it would be listed at the lower end of the charts.

If a company or a person is selling a product on Amazon then it’s obvious he would want his product to have a good amount of reviews so that his product could be listed on the top and more and more people see his product and he could make a good business overall.

In most cases, these companies or the people who are selling a product would ask you to leave a review for your product that whether you liked the product or not and simply drop a review for their product. But at this point in time, there is actually no reward for doing this and it’s completely up to the mood and wish of the person who buys it to leave a review or not.

It is a very tough job to get a review for your product as a customer is too lazy to write a review. Most of the times when they are willing to write a review are when they have any complaints about the product or are unhappy with their product and in that case, they will leave a negative review for the product.

Other people without knowing about the positive feedback of others will simply judge the product on the basis of some negative review. There can be a problem with any product but it doesn’t mean that the product is worthless overall. That when the positive reviews come to the rescue.

Due to all of these reasons companies are willing to pay some amount to people to write some good stuff about their products.

Due to some changes in the policy on Amazon paid reviews have decreased a lot but there are still some methods by which you can earn some money by writing positive reviews of products on Amazon.

Due to the increase in demand for companies paid reviews still exist. You have to remember one thing that by doing all of this you are going to violate the terms of Amazon. If you still want to do this then you can read this article further.

You can get paid by review sites for writing reviews.

You can apply to work on this website and they will give you a task to give a review for a product on Amazon. These tasks are given by companies who have listed their product on Amazon and are willing to pay some amount to get some good reviews for their product.

This type of work is very popular among eBooks available on Amazon. There are more than 1000’s websites that are willing to pay an amount to get reviews for their eBooks on Amazon. Almost every website pays a certain amount to reviewers to give a good review for their eBooks.

It all goes with planning where the reviewers have to give the review at a certain time. This can make the eBook get into the section of best-selling eBooks which would increase their sales by a lot of margins.

And not only that, this also helps to make the rating of the eBook better which will also make it list higher and give the product more value.

If you want to do this job then the first thing you would want to do is to find the companies who are actually hiring for this type of job. This will actually be a bit difficult as no company would agree to the fact that they actually do this because it is against the terms and conditions of Amazon.

To get to connect with these companies you should look at the review on Amazon and try to figure which one looks a bit fake and if you think that review is inappropriate like if a person is reviewing a very low-quality eBooks with a really good review and great rating then you should try to contact him and try to ask him to help you get to connect you with these companies and try to get the information about who they work for.

I guess at this point you are clear that Amazon is not going to pay to write reviews on their website.

Review sites are helpful if you want some extra bucks in your pocket but if you are thinking to make it your main source of income then I will not suggest that. First thing you should understand that these sites don’t want to create jobs and are basically filling the in need demand of the companies for reviews. There is no guarantee that you are always going to get money for the reviews that you give; instead, these companies might give you a free product for your review in exchange.

If you really want to earn a good income from giving reviews then you have to do something more. One option is to become a full-time reviewer who reviews products on his own website and tells people about their pros and cons. Many big websites are doing this and are also earning a good income through this.

But for this, you have to regularly post some reviews of products and have to come in the list of at least the top 10000 reviews. Once you get noticed by big companies, they will send you free products to review and also pay you to review those products. If you want to reach this point them you have to give a lot of time and patience so that it can become achievable.

One other method is to give sell your service on some websites like Fiverr. Here you can offer to review the product for any company in exchange for some charges but for that also you will need to gain some reputation in the review game.

To do any of these processes you have to be regular in giving you review and also maintain a proper ratio of the products which are sponsored to you and the products that you buy on your own to review.

If I explain it to you by giving an example, you have a review website and all of your reviews are filled with paid and positive reviews. Anyone is going to read those reviews if you regularly post only positive reviews on all the products? So, you have to create a balance of both positive and negative reviews so that people have trust and faith in you.

According to my, this process is actually worth it for those people who are actually serious about doing this. You have to give a lot of time to this and have to be really disciplined in giving reviews as people who follow you would expect the best and latest content from you.

You have to invest some money to buy products to review as companies won’t send you any product when you are new to this job. If you want to get more attention then you have to post a lot of reviews in a short period of time. This will help you grab a lot of attention from people and also the companies. You should know that any company won’t invest in you if they think they will not get the return properly.

Overall I would say that you should think first of all that are you looking for some extra bucks in your pocket or a complete income from reviewing. This will help you decide what path you should follow in reviewing and what decision you should take overall. You should know everything has its pros and cons and before deciding you should analyze both sides.

Conclusion –

So these were some ways by which you can get paid to write reviews. These methods help you to earn money and also some free products.

I hope you liked this article and we could help you in gaining some knowledge regarding reviewing. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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