Top 11 Websites to Find Best Deals Online

Here we are today going to present you some of the top websites that provide discounts and even give products for free. Who doesn’t like to get stuff for free or at a discount?

Most of us have heard about slikdeals and there are some deal sites which give discount and coupons in exchange of a rating and a review just like slikdeals. There is hundreds of variety of coupons on these websites.

online deals websites

So read the whole article if you want to know all about these deal websites that provide you amazing deals.

List of top websites which give you great deals online-



This is one best deal sites which gives all of its users a place where they can share the deals they find online, the vouchers which they find for different deals and also the stories of how they got any type of discount or free stuff from anywhere in the market.

In a simple language this is a community of people who want to share the deals and offers that they find online so that everyone can get the benefit of using them.

They best thing about this website is that it doesn’t allow people to span here and post any non relevant promotional scheme on their website.

This is just a community place to share deals and codes with everyone. This website is especially for the UK as the name suggest.



This is one such website which is great at organizing deals for the customers. This could be a great website for the people who for the people who wants the offers quality and as fast as possible.

All the latest deals and the best deals are listed on this website on the homepage and this could be a great thing for many users.

Also this is a very mobile phone friendly website and you can every easily check the website on your mobile for latest deals and coupons.

Overall this website gives you the best and latest deals. They also provide you a facility to download the coupons on your cell phone and you can easily use them anywhere. Also you can get the vouchers available printed and show them on any shop which have them applicable.



The story behind this website is actually very interesting. This website is run by a woman who is very young and really likes to buy clothes, toys and gadgets for her little girl. There was a time when she realized that she don’t have enough money to buy a lot of stuff. Then she started to look for deals and coupon codes to get stuff on a discount. From here she got an idea to start a blog and share all of these deals with lots of customers like her.

Once she noticed that her blogs are getting a lot of attention and gaining popularity, she decided to create a website. And this website is now one of the best websites out there that people can look for getting coupons and deals. This website gets updated in almost every 10 minutes with new deals and coupons.

If you want to get the best deals out there then you can visit their website daily and check for the latest deals that are available.



This is one such website which changes its deals almost every day. They provide the best deals on Amazon every day with even 100% discount. The most amazing thing is that these products are not even cheap or not of any use. Actually it is quite opposite of what it really is. They give deals on luxury items and all the products are actually very good.

There are not always free products available on this website but you should check them daily to try your luck at least. Also they always offer you at least 50% discount on the products listed on their website.



This is one of the oldest websites present in this list. It’s been 20 years from the day this website was launched. This website has an astonishing no. of visits of about 14 million each month. This is a solid proof that this website is loved by many people and people come back to this website again.

I am sure that you will easily find a deal which is suitable for you on this website because this website come with more than 400 deals in a week.

The deals on this website are amazing because this website promise to give you the best deals at the lowest prices possible. Overall this website is my personal favorite I would say.



This website is not quite similar to other brands. What they do is try to connect both brand and the customers with each other like all other websites but they also include the influencers in this process too.

They are also known as the LinkedIn on shopping and they also call themselves the same.

To get these deals you just have to follow these influencers.



If you are a type of person who wants all the discounted stuff without doing any good to this world then I think this website is no for you. You can get the best deals around the internet on this website too but the different thing this website does is, it allows you do donate some amount to a non profitable organization of your choice. This helps these organizations with the money you save on any product.

It’s completely your choice if you want to donate or not but they allow you to do some good to the society just by the discount that you make.

When you sign up on their website they ask you want type of organization you want to benefit and then further allow you to get the deals that you want to get. It also allows you to share and invite other people to join this website and get deals to make some good contribution in the society. Good thing is you can also track what impact your contribution is doing. If you want to do some good to the society then I would definitely recommend this website to you.



This is a website which provides coupons of retailing brands and restaurants. The deals that they offer can be cashed at the store and even online on the website. This is a perfect place for retailers to promote their business and customers to get some discount.



This is a website for the people who love technology. You can get deals and coupons on this website related the technical products.

You can find deals on all the products here including house hold products. This site also consists of great reviews of those products by the experts so that you can know the quality of the product before you buy them.



This website is also similar to all the other websites that I have mentioned above in this article. The only differentiating factor for this website is that you can also write reviews of the products. This helps other people to know If the product is good or not.

You also need to register on this website first before you can get the deals and coupon codes on this website.

This website has around 7 million visits per month. So it is obvious that you will get the best deals on big brands on this website.


Deal woot

You will be surprised to know that Amazon owns woot. In 2010 Amazon bought woot when this website has around 3 million registered people.

This website lists only one product per day and it is listed till the stock is there. The best part is a new product is listed every day at the same time and this will force you to check the deal out every day and make you addicted to it. Also if the stock of the product runs out, it would be replaced by any other product at that point of time only. This will make you to visit their website more than one time in a single day.

Overall this is also a good website if you are a confused type of person and gets over excited by looking at a lot of deals at the same time resulting in not making a decision of what to buy.

12. Bountii

Bountii is a search price engine that provides a comprehensive overview of coupons offered by different stores. It helps users find the best prices for various products across multiple retailers. Shoppers can compare the prices easily and get the best deal possible.

Besides price comparisons, Bountii also offers product reviews, guides, and notifications for certain deals. Surely, these features enhance the shoppers’ experience, providing them with ease and comfort in finding the lowest price possible.

As seen on reputable sites and news, you can definitely depend on Bountii. Check their website for more details.

Conclusion –

Overall these were some of the top websites which can replace sites like slikdeals. These websites will surely give you are lot of good deals and are one of the best deal finder.

If you liked the list of online deals websites, then please drop a comment down below and if you have any other suggestions for the websites that are better than the ones we have mentioned in our list then please tell us in the comments. We would try to mention them in our next article.

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