How you can become a Product Reviewer on Amazon

Many people want to become a product reviewer or an Amazon product tester. There are many ways by which you can become an Amazon reviewer and get free stuff to review them.

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If you want to know some methods by which you can become a reviewer and get free stuff from Amazon, read this whole article.

Top 5 methods by which you can become a product reviewer on Amazon –

1. You can create your own YouTube channel, blog or any Social media profile

Many people are doing this and having a great earning. You can buy products on Amazon and then review them by telling people what kind of product it is and tell them about its pros and cons. Once you are in the list of the top 10000 reviewers, you will gain attention of companies which are selling their product on Amazon. These companies will send you their products for free and even give you some extra amount to review their products.

This is a great way to both get products for free and also make an earning through this process. Also you will earn some money through AdSense too if you are getting good attention for the people.

You have to note that this is not an easy process or a part time job. If you want to make a career in this field then you have to give your full time and upload time to time content. Also the content should be of good quality of you want people to read or watch your content.

2. You can take a subscription of Amazon Prime

Amazon prime account doesn’t cost a lot much and also it gives you lots of facilities like shows on Amazon prime, free music, fast delivery of products and also shipping chargers are also free.

The good part is you might get chosen to get free products to be delivered by Amazon on your door step. This might not be the case every time but one thing is assured is that you will get a complete return for your money if you are lucky enough, you might get a free product too.

3. You can apply for discounted to free products

The key here is to give a lot of reviews on Amazon. No matter if the product is small or big, poor or high quality, you have to give reviews to all of them. The reviews should also be of good description. If you get noticed by Amazon you might get free coupons by the company or might get free products to review.

You have to make a fan base so that you get noticed by Amazon. You have to write reviews which make people stop and read.

4. Optimize your profile on Amazon

In the earlier point I told you to give reviews to the products on Amazon. But you should also know that it should be easy for the companies to reach you. Your description should consist of your contact information so that if a brand wants to connect to you then it should be easy for them to contact you because they don’t have much time to look for your contact information which will ultimately result in looking their interest in you.

5. Get free review products from Amazon

There are some websites on the internet which can provide you products for free in exchange of a review. Some of the websites are –


It is one such website which is very popular and also is heavily discounted as you will be able to get any product here even at a of 100% discount. You don’t need to pay any fee and you can get any product for free on over here.

First thing you have to do is, you have to get your account registered on this website and then further you need to select the product that you want from their list that you want the most and then in the  end you have to take quota. After this you can go to Amazon and you can buy that product.

Once you are done with this process you have to return back to Cashbackbase and then give them all the details of the order and within few days you are going to get the amount in the form of cash back.  The good thing here is that there is no need to provide any review for the offer to be applicable.



This is one such website that is primarily made for the sellers to have their trader community developed. Here a buyer can also go and get the free products and it is also a good place for them too. Sellers also do come to this website to they find buyers so that they can make them review their products in exchange of a free product.

Sellers demand for a positive review in an exchange for a product. To get this, first of all you have to create an account on Amazon. Then after that you will have to mail to this website about what type of products you want and also your Amazon profile page.

Then you need to wait for some time. You will notice that sellers are sending you requests to give them your positive review in an exchange of a free product. It is one of the simplest methods if you want to get free product for reviews.

2. Tomosoncom


This website is for the influencers and for the sellers. Here sellers ask for the good influencers to review their products and give them a free product. And an influencer reviewing their products also gives them assurance that they are gonna  get something in exchange for the product they are giving for free.

First of all you have to get good amount followers on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. Once you gain some followers you can apply on this website to become an influencer. Then the brands will go through your profile and will then contact you to do the review of the products they give you.

If you want the brand to contact you so that you can review their products, you need to make the social media profile of yours as strong as possible. It is clear that brands are going to choose the influences that have a very strong following instead of the one with a bad profile. If you want to be chosen by good brands then you need to be consistent and very serious about social media influencing. This might be not one of the simplest ways to get free products to review but it is actually for those who are willing to make a career in social media marketing.

Overall I would say this website is not for the people who are thinking to get some free products and nothing else.

Conclusion –

So these were some methods by which you would know how to become a product tester for Amazon. Amazon will not directly ask you to become an Amazon tester for their products. You will have to use some different approach to this.

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