4 Apps to Power Up Your Life

The mobile app market is growing and offers many solutions for our daily lives. From ordering food to booking an appointment with a doctor, almost everything can be done using the phone. However, some apps are specially designed to improve lives and make it easy for us to perform tasks that have long required too much time and resources. After all, downloading apps is pretty easy, so why not give them a try to power up your life? Let’s explore some of the best applications you can start using today to make your life easier and less stressful.

Daily Water Tracker Reminder

Maintaining health is essential. Despite having regular health checkups and checking on your wellness, you can always hydrate yourself to promote healthy metabolism and improve overall wellness. Even though everyone knows that drinking enough water is crucial, not everyone can do that due to a lack of time and effort.

That is why you can use the Daily Water Tracker Reminder app to help you reach your daily hydration goals. The app allows you to create unlimited reminders within the app, which will inform you to drink water at specific times and allow you to automate this process in the long term.


Mental health is also vital, and modern people are becoming more aware of this part of their lives. And one of the easiest ways to keep inner balance and promote healthy thoughts is by being grateful. This is what the Gratitude app is designed for. Gratitude is only one of the many gratitude journaling apps developed to help users live a happier life.

It allows users to get a daily prompt to write about, making it easy to pick something from the day you’re grateful for. A journal is also added so you can write all your thoughts so they won’t worry you when you want to be focused on work or something else.


If you are an owner of an electric car, Bonnet is your go-to solution. We all know that the market has poor charging infrastructure, so it is always a problem for owners to find a charging station, especially on a long trip. That is why Bonnet offers the best app for EV charging UK

Such an application provides a map of nearby EV charging points and allows users to pay for the charge through their phone, making the process as simple and quick as possible.


Forest is one of the most popular apps today designed to improve productivity. Considering the fact that we use phones for almost everything, it isn’t surprising that screen time can be a big issue. 

If you think you can leave your phone or stop procrastinating, Forest is a way to go. It was developed to help users avoid looking at their phone for a specific period that they set. 

Users just need to set a timer for the desired period, and the app will start to grow the tree so you can see your progress if you don’t use your phone. An app is a great tool for anyone looking for better focus and productivity, especially when it is time to work.

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