Streamlining Operations: A Guide to Fulfilment and Logistics Services

E-commerce is becoming more competitive year after year. That’s why companies should be proactive in creating an effective business model that reduces costs, emissions, and errors. One consideration is the fulfilment and logistics of handling physical products. Streamlining the after sales process might improve customer loyalty, brand image, and order accuracy. This article outlines the services you can outsource to a third-party fulfilment company. So, keep reading if you need help deciding which services might support your business operations. 

What services do fulfilment and logistics companies offer? 

Order Fulfilment

Fulfilment companies receive orders from businesses, store inventory, package products, and ship them to customers. They handle the entire process from order processing to delivery, ensuring they fulfil orders accurately and efficiently.

Inventory Management

Outsourcing inventory management ensures businesses always have the right products in stock. The fulfilment company will monitor stock levels, forecast demand, and restock products as needed. 

Pick and Pack Services

Fulfilment companies select products from inventory, package them, and prepare them for shipment. External pick and pack services might increase order accuracy and help deliver packages on time. 

Shipping and Delivery

Outsourcing shipping and delivery might help e-commerce businesses lower costs and improve delivery time. This is because many fulfilment companies use specialised software to compare rates and choose the most cost-effective shipping options. 

Moreover, third-party centres may send packages through various carriers, including USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Access to multiple delivery partners helps to future-proof your business and ensure packages always reach their destination.  

Returns Management

Handing the returns management to your fulfilment and logistics partner is game-changing if you want to streamline operations. If you have a dedicated team to process returns, issue refunds, and restock returned items, it can help reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance brand reputation. Fulfilment companies can provide businesses with detailed reports on returns, helping them identify patterns and address issues.

Custom Packaging

Fulfilment companies may offer custom packaging solutions, including branded packaging and gift wrapping. Custom packaging can help businesses create a memorable and unique customer experience. This level of customisation might also include eco-friendly alternatives to reduce environmental impact.


Some third-party companies store inventory in their warehouse facilities, reducing businesses’ need to maintain storage space. They provide businesses with real-time inventory data, ensuring they always have the right products in stock. To make more eco-conscious decisions, you might partner with a fulfilment centre that uses renewable energy sources to power its operations. 

Order Tracking and Reporting

Real-time tracking and reporting give you a clear view of how effective these services are. For example, you’ll get updates on order status, inventory levels, and shipping information. Fulfilment and logistics partners might use advanced software to generate reports, helping businesses make data-driven decisions and optimise their operations.

Closing thoughts

In conclusion, fulfilment and logistics companies offer numerous services, significantly benefiting e-commerce businesses. These companies provide comprehensive solutions that streamline operations and improve efficiency, from warehousing to order fulfilment and shipping. However, it is essential to choose services that support your business needs. 

By evaluating your requirements and comparing the offerings of different providers, you can find the right partner to help you grow and meet your customers’ demands. With the right fulfilment and logistics services, you can concentrate on core business activities and achieve greater success in the highly competitive e-commerce market.

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