5 Camera Apps That College Girls Will Definitely Like

We all know how girls love to take selfies. Social media play an important role in our life, and it’s impossible to deny this fact. Each Instagram or Facebook user tries to take the best photos that will look good in profile. And the main criterion for a photo is its quality.

Image processing can solve many problems: it can remove the objects, correct color schemes, etc. But quality is the aspect that depends mainly on the technical characteristics of the phone’s camera.

However, some apps are designed to expand your camera’s stock characteristics, let you enjoy some features, and take high-quality photos. One may say that buying a new smartphone is the best decision in such a situation.

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And while you’re going to your dream, use one of the following camera apps and take the best photos. 

1. Snapchat

It’s impossible to go unheeded this app. A variety of face filters made this app popular both among men and women. Here is everything you wanted to have: masks with animals, beauty masks, and funny filters.

Snapchat isn’t just an app; it is a way to spend time and communicate with friends. But some of the masks are limited in time, so take your best selfie until your favorite filter expires.

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2. Google Camera

Google Pixel is the phone with one of the best cameras, so not including this app to this compilation would be an inexcusable mistake. Google Camera is the app that’s highly appreciated by professional photographers and those people who simply love take photos and publish them on social media.

HDR with double exposure, night camera, clear zoom, Google Lens suggestions, and many other features make this app the best choice.

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3. Camera MX

It’s a free alternative to the stock camera app. Many people consider Camera MX a more convenient tool. It lets you change the quality and size of the final image, the autofocus feature ensures the high quality of the final photos, and automatic optimization lets you take good photos even at night.

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4. Pixtica

It’s an all-in-one app, the aim of which is to help you not miss important moments. It’s good both for those who take photos and for those who prefer to record videos. Pixtica is the unique gallery of active filters and various effects. Use if as PDF-scanner.

Enjoy taking photos in manual mode. Organize photo shootings and use portrait mode to get amazing photos. Some of the features are paid, and we may say that this app is worth spending money. If you pay enough attention to social media, save some money elsewhere, for example, opt for cheaper academic assistance from Advanced Writers. Read Advanced Writers review to find out why this service is worth your attention.

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5. A Better Camera

If you want to enjoy professional features in a mobile camera, install this app. HDR, panorama, pre-shot, timelapse, and night camera – these and many other effects and features are available in this app. You’ll probably need some time to understand how these features work, and you’ll be able to take top-quality photos on your phone.

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