5 Ethical Businesses You’ll Be Lucky to Get Internship In

Getting hired while being a student or immediately after graduation is no easy task. Luckily, there’s a proven way to gain the much-needed work experience: an internship. 

Not that getting internships is as easy as ABC – to become an intern at a big company, you’ll need to put in some effort. Another thing is, internships require commitment. The more committed and enthusiastic you are during your internship, the higher your chances of eventually getting a job offer. 

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Still, there are more things to consider – for example, the company’s reputation. If you want to ensure you’re not going to contribute to malpractices, choose an ethical business.

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But What Is an Ethical Business? 

Most businesses are designed to generate revenue. But nowadays, it’s more important than ever for a business to be ethical as well as successful. 

Being ethical in this context means making choices driven by more than financial gain. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about sustainability but also about respect, values, and integrity. 

Some of the main characteristics of such business are

  • caring for people and the environment; 
  • translating noble values; 
  • being fair and honest; 
  • respecting its employees and customers;
  • leading the way for others. 

As a rule, you can tell if a business is ethical or not by doing research: checking the press coverage, inspecting the company’s social media accounts, and asking people about their personal experiences. But first, check one of the most comprehensive reviews of EssayService to see how you can spare a few hours. Serious research is a mammoth task!

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You can also find some clues as to which company to choose in the following paragraphs.

Best Ethical Businesses to Get Internships In 

There are ethical businesses in most industries, even energy and utility companies can be principled and sustainable. But in some industries, businesses are generally more likely to be ethical.

If the ethical profile of a company is of crucial importance to you, we suggest that you look for internships in the following industries.

Lab Assistant


Few things can be more vital in the 21st century than recycling. The garbage problem is far from being solved: despite some promising recent breakthroughs in the field, there’s a long way ahead.

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Thus, it’s safe to say recycling companies are essential to the future (and present) well-being of humanity and, what’s more, all life on Earth. Besides, some of these companies are internationally recognized for being ethical – for example, Waste Management and Public Services.

Renewable Energy 

Energy companies have long been blamed for being irresponsible and causing environmental damage. But the situation is changing as more businesses in this industry are turning toward renewable energy. 

For example, Ørsted, a Norwegian energy company that formerly relied on coal, has been investing in wind power lately, and it’s planning to be coal-free by 2023. Finnish oil refining and marketing company Neste Oyj currently gets the majority of its revenue from its biofuel business, plus there are almost 40% of women on the company’s board.

Education and Research

Many educational and research institutions function as non-profit organizations and not businesses in the traditional sense. Still, this list would be incomplete without them, as education is the pillar upon which responsibility and awareness stand. 

The world’s most renowned universities, such as Cambridge and Oxford, are currently playing a vital role in raising awareness about the world’s most urgent issues and are setting examples for businesses across industries. And yes, there are internships available.


There are plenty of tech giants in the list of the world’s most ethical companies, with some retaining their positions there for years in a row. Such companies as Dell, IBM, Canon, HP, and LinkedIn are all on the list of Ethisphere’s 2021 honorees.

If you’re a tech student, landing an internship in one of these (or similar) companies will give you an enormous advantage and provide insight into how leading tech businesses function. 


The coronavirus pandemic has once again highlighted the imperfections of the healthcare systems around the world. Some are coping better, others worse, but one thing is obvious: there’s still a lot to be done to make things better in the health sphere. 

You can participate in the process if you choose one of the ethical healthcare or health insurance companies. There is a handful of such companies on the Ethishpere’s list, for instance, Blue California and CareFirst.

Wrapping Up 

Getting an internship is a perfect way for a student or a fresh graduate to gain work experience and land a job. But choosing a random company is not an option.

To make sure that you enjoy your internship and don’t contribute to an unethical business at the same time, do your research before sending applications. We hope this article has helped you understand where to start. 

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