5 essential Tips for Improving your Sales Engagement

Trying to find effective ways to improve sales engagement is the priority because companies know how powerful creating engaged customers can be.

Sales engagement becomes vital in the lead’s journey through the funnel. Tracking leads’ interactions allow businesses to create powerful customer engagement campaigns that align with customer expectations and goals and quickly lead to better conversions.

Check out these 5 essential tips for improving your sales engagement.

Use the right Sales Engagement software

Even if it sounds simple, it is not. And the oversaturated sales engagement software market is the most striking confirmation of this.

Choosing the right software tools for your company will help drive new technologies, allowing revenue-generating teams to overcome the long-term impact of the lockdown, boost performance and drive sales.

HubSpot Sales Hub, SalesLoft, Outreach, Groove, XANT Playbooks, Yesware — you’ve probably heard about some of these modern tools. They offer a wide range of capabilities, starting from automating multi-channel, multi-step flows and ending at surfacing insights for more effective and relevant communications.

However, if you are still looking for the “next best tool”, that means that you should opt for more advanced solutions such as, for example, Revenue Grid sales engagement software.

With this powerful Salesforce-native platform, that has earned “Top Sales Tool for Sales Engagement” in 2020’s Top Salestech Guide and is recognized as “Major Global Innovator in Sales Enablement” by Aragon Research, you can get 10 times more engagement with the same sales team, 33% more data in Salesforce, 24% higher reply rate and 21% faster revenue.

To help you do that, Revenue Grid offers the following possibilities:

  • easily auto-capture all the customer interactions you need (make the best of 100% customizable email Sidebar) from Outlook or Gmail to Salesforce with no need to waste your time for switching between workspaces, eliminating contact gaps, duplicates, conflicting events, and missing data;
  • gain Revenue Signals: discover crucial connections between the teams and the revenue with the help of Revenue Grid’s award-winning analytics suite, reveal the company’s top performers, see the actions that make them stand out from others, and reproduce their win-win formula with Guided Selling;
  • mastermind your campaigns and engage prospects through email, calls, texts, and social media, creating automated sequences that feel truly personal by mixing manual and automated approaches;
  • increase the win ratio using a suite that makes it extremely easy to reach out and nurture at scale. Send automatic multichannel sequences from a single place, get notifications on all customer engagements here and now, and more.

In addition to Sales Engagement, the Revenue Grid platform offers a number of features to grow your business, such as Sales Forecasting, Guided Selling, Pipeline Analytics, Relationship Intelligence, Conversational Intelligence, and Sales Coaching.

Refine your follow-up process

Follow-ups often cause negative customer experiences and do not lead to closing deals. First, you should follow-up IMMEDIATELY after a potential customer clicks a button (“learn more”, for example), rather than a few hours or even days after that.

Another important point: you should optimize the follow-up process itself. In the field of sales, a whole series of events often take place — a huge number of calls, hundreds of contacts, regular scheduled meetings, etc.

Make your follow-up processes as transparent as possible with the help of automation and a modern and reliable CRM, which will help you to get all the processes in a single convenient place and to organize them. You should always be aware of which sales rep is responsible for which deal, when it is the perfect time to call a certain prospect, etc.

Recreate the customer journey and spot the main touchpoints

Never underestimate the importance of this action: it will help you achieve great success and sell more, faster, and better than before!

Once you create a portrait of your perfect customer, consider your next steps and answer yourself the following questions: will the potential customer search Google for your product, or will they ask their friends about the solution to their problem? Or maybe he will search for recommendations on the Web?

After outlining the user journey, you should define the points of interaction between your potential customer and your brand. These points can be an advertisement or an online form on your website: you should constantly track the effectiveness of your efforts.

Creating a customer journey with the help of touchpoints allows you to get the correct approach to the customers at the right time, engage them, and avoid most of the problems like reaching out to the customer when he is not ready to accept your offer!

Become extremely personalized

Increase customer’s loyalty by allowing him to feel that he is unique and that you created a specific offer exclusively for him. He will be more willing to share personal information, take some additional actions to make the purchase, and even wait. Your goal is to show him the real value your product will bring him.

Present the product in the best possible light by answering all the buyer’s questions in detail, and for this, you first need to conduct thorough research and understand the customer’s problems. After that, you can easily create targeted, personalized messages for each touch, adding personal aspects and customer’s pain points to it.

Build a long-term relationship with your customers

If you build your interaction with a client based on his business case, goals, and expectations, you are guaranteed to gain his trust, sell your solution to him, provide him with a memorable positive experience and forge a long-term relationship with him.

By periodically providing him with the necessary resources and other interesting solutions to help him solve a specific problem, you will strengthen that relationship, increasing customer loyalty and revealing even more sales opportunities!

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