Best Mobile BTC Wallet: Trustee Wallet Review

In order to figure out the best bitcoin wallet from hundreds of products that are currently being offered, let us first define what kind of a wallet is totally NOT a good one.

Users report their issues on the review page on the respective app marketplace: App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android, so spotting the prevailing problems is easy.

Lots of the time, the customer support office is absent altogether. No one responds to user claims and suggestions, no one gives a thankful nod of acknowledgment in response to 5-star reviews either.

A given wallet is bitcoin-only. You’ve got to admit: the more coins, the merrier!

No way to see the NFTs you own. The ownership records still rest somewhere on-chain, but you cannot do anything with these assets without a sensible interface. What do you need a wallet for then?

No transaction history links from within the app, or they cannot be found easily. How is one meant to verify their transactions then?

Custodial wallets withhold the seed phrase from the wallet “owners”. It is unthinkable. If the funds get stolen or removed, you only have yourself to blame.

Quite a lot of the time, the user interface is so terrible that the most basic operations become a challenge. We get it, it is hard to fit everything on a fairly small screen of a mobile device.

Having reviewed a decent number of wallet apps, we grew pretty tired of these common complaints. The good news is, our search for a perfect anonymous bitcoin wallet was not in vain.

Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet for Mainstream Adoption in 2022

The best anonymous bitcoin wallet of 2022 has to be more than a niche-specific solution for geeks and developers. Ideally, it must embrace the latest trends (think NFT support, the most popular chains, DeFi tools) and be extremely easy to pick up for users without a technical background.

Trustee anonymous bitcoin wallet fits all of the criteria. Being the easiest in use, Trustee is also the most versatile in terms of functionality.

It is super-simple to start using Trustee Wallet. It does not require you to register an account through phone or email verification. This anonymous bitcoin wallet app does not intrusively collect and process your device and app usage data either.

Unless you turn on the advanced wallet protection options, they are turned off by default. To trade bitcoin for fiat money, the only piece of personal data that must be shared is the credit card details. Therefore, your bitcoins can effortlessly turn into cash.

Buy Bitcoin by Bank Card with Trustee Wallet

One of the arguments of Bitcoin critics has been the fact that bitcoins are not accepted in a majority of institutions and stores. Quite a number of countries have declared Bitcoin outlawed. The others have no solid legal basis on which to rely in the matters of digital assets: although you could buy bitcoin with credit card freely, the spending options would still be limited.

Whatever the goal of your purchase is, Trustee Wallet app provides the means to buy bitcoin online, safely store it, port the wallet to another device as necessary, conveniently send and receive the coins, and play around with dozens of other coins (plus, limitless fungible and non-fungible tokens on Ethereum and other available chains).

Speaking of the ways to buy bitcoin online, one either pays for it in fiat money or with a different coin.

Trustee relies on third-party cryptocurrency online exchanges for coin swap operations, integrating more of them as time goes by. As the prices on various exchanges differ (as well as the exchange fees), you automatically gain the advantage of choosing the best deal on the list.

All of the trading pairs that are available across affiliated exchanges, are available in the app itself.

It is as simple to buy BTC with credit card as with any other coin in your wallet. Depending on the network load, a transaction could take more or less time to finalize; you will be notified about its success.

Why You Need to Choose Trustee Wallet – Best Mobile Bitcoin Wallet

The representation of blockchain addresses as QR codes to effortlessly share your coins between the peers and receive payments makes Trustee much better than PayPal. Why? Cryptocurrency transactions incur no other fee than the network fee. In the case of the modern fast and cheap chains, like BSC or Tezos, the fee is negligible. On top of that, it could be negated completely with the help of staking, and DeFi services.

Trustee Wallet developers have confidently crossed out every weakness the modern mobile cryptocurrency wallets have. They did make it an app worthy of your recognition.

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