What Is CCIE and How to Take CCIE Test? Is CCIE Certification Becoming Less and Less Valuable?

CCIE, full name of Cisco Certified Internet Expert, is an expert certification examination launched by Cisco in 1993. It is recognized as the most authoritative certification in IT industry and the top certification in the field of Internetworking.

CCIE is not as valuable as it was in the 1990s. At that time, with CCIE certificate, you do not have to work, and you can charge USD 15,420 to USD 30,840 rent a year.

As time goes by, technology has been popularizing, which means the increase of CCIE certification, but it does not mean that CCIE is worthless. Now there are still many enterprises that need CCNP and CCIE technology. What I’m talking about is technology, not certification.

Of course, it’s better to have certification if you can pass CCIE test. It’s the most effective and direct proof of your systematic learning and technical ability.

After spending about USD 2,005, there will be CCIE dumps Visit Page for the experimental part! In other words, as long as you have money, you can become a CCIE.

The reasons that why CCIE is less and less valuable are that, first, there are a large number of PAPER CCIE, and second many high school graduates attend training classes to get CCIE certification, the salary requirement of who is not high at all! What is worse, I’ve met many CCIE who was paid USD 231 a month in Shenyang! 

In fact, CCIE with large-scale engineering experience is still very valuable! In Shenyang, where the salary is not high, there is no problem for CCIE to earn more than USD 771 a month. In Beijing, Shanghai and other first tier cities, that the salary of CCIE is USD 1,542 or above a month is also very common.

1. CCIE certification is the most advanced certification of Cisco network engineer.

2. In the case of CCIE certification, Cisco certifications are accepted by domestic and foreign enterprises. Cisco is internationally certified. If you are going to emigrate or develop abroad in the future, CCIE certification training HERE !

CCIE exam has written test and LAB (Experiment). For example, I am the candidate without any foundation, so I’ve prepared for a year of primary school in the early stage, about nine months. What is more, I am learning with my classmates in SPOTO.

3. Help for work: the annual salary of an IE starts at USD 15,420 or above. The ratio of investment to return is very worthwhile

4. CCIE is the most advanced certification of Cisco network engineer, and it is an expert level certification examination launched by Cisco in the United States. It is recognized as the most authoritative certification in IT industry and the top certification in the field of Internetworking.

5. You can go to Vue’s official website or test center to sign up, or ask the training institution to help you sign up.

6. The employment prospect of Cisco network engineer is still very good. You can search it. Generally, those who want to recruit network engineer require Cisco certification, and they offer very high wages. If employees are CCNP certification holders, their monthly salary is USD 771 or 925.

CCIE certification holders have even higher salary. Of course, employees still need to have true skill and genuine knowledge. It’s not advisable to learn just to get a certificate. Only with real ability can you get a promotion and raise your salary. If you study, you can go to the website of bilibili to watch the video and I personally suggest Kang Sir’s classes.

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