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If you need to have some refreshment in your stuck and monotonous life in the form of some happening excitement then what else would be best but the brand new series of The Sex Lives of College Girls which is filled with temptation, sensation, and pure unlimited fun.

Along with these, this show would take you to your best teenage time with your nostalgia, and here, you can instantly resonate with the facts, events, and situations of the story that you have already been through in your college days.

For those who are turning to their teens and heading to their teenage years, this series would surely keep them one step ahead in their real-time experience. So, this series is a full-on entering package with sizzling hot situations and hilarious execution of it. And you can enjoy this show anytime, anywhere without depending on your internet connection with the fantastic flexibility of keepstreams HBO downloader. Now, let’s get a quick highlight of this show with its teeny tiny info.

Series Name…The Sex Lives of College Girls (2021)

  • Ratings: 7.7/10
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Directed by: David Gordon Green
  • Produced by: Kabir Akhtar, Rupinder Gill, Caroline Goldfarb, and others
  • Cast: Pauline Chalamet, Amrit Kaur, Reneé Rapp, and others


This story revolved around four teenage girls who have just entered a prestigious college. These girls have become roommates and here you would witness how they deal with their active sex lives while facing their hormonal changes, contradictory thoughts on one hand, and the other hand they also have to struggle with the new situation and challenges of their college lives. The whole execution of the story is based on double-meaning humor and comedy.


The story has begun with four roommates named Bela, Whitney, Kimberly, and Leighton who are trying to navigate their relationship with each other along with their cultural differences and extracurricular activities. After that, they get together in a steamy hot party.

Later on, Bela and Kimberly are all set to go to a naked party and on the other hand, Leighton has struggled with her date while Whitney tries to make some peace with her teammate. 

Gradually the story moves on to the direction where Leighton has got punishment for her behavior and Whitney is trying to figure out her new relationship with her coach. On the other hand, when Bela finds her new friend, Kimberly asks Nico to teach her French.

After that Leighton goes to attend a fraternity social gathering and Bela goes to an event with Kimberly with the hope that there, she would meet a famous comedian as her mentor. However, Whitney is going out of town with her teammates for a soccer game. Leighton has invited the women’s center to the frat party of her brother. 

Meanwhile, in a Catalan meeting, Bela has a very uneasy moment and Whitney wants to know what the boys’ locker room looks like. Now the story took a very embarrassing turn when the girls had to join their parents who had come to the college to visit them for dinner.

The story takes one step ahead when Kimberly gets involved with Nico while having casual sex with him. On the contrary, Whitney feels fantastic while exploring her relationship with Canaan. Leighton also has taken a further step in her relationship with Alicia.

On the other hand, Bela was anxiously awaiting the final decision of Catullan. So, if you can’t wait to watch the entire series without wasting a moment then just go for the keepstreams HBO downloader on your device and stay hooked to the funniest and sizzling world of these four girls as long as you want.

The Best Side of the Story

This series has been nominated for the Outstanding New TV Series category in 33rd GLAAD Media Awards. And it also has gotten huge appreciation and popularity from all over the world. Even though it has received some mixed reactions from the critics, that does not make any unfavorable impact on its popularity.

Instead, it has created a craze in its audience with its very real situation but unconventional execution. And the most interesting part of this series is its fun element.

Every character of this show would make you rethink all over again of your relatable nostalgic situations. On the other hand, this basic concept of this saga would be treated as a guide for the teenagers to tackle their new challenges of life while handling the biological changes of their adolescence.

Another very charming part of the story is that audiences of different ages and social statuses will enjoy this show with different perspectives but it would surely satisfy various sections of the audience with its dynamic dimensions.

Our Verdict

So, it is very clear that The Sex Lives of College Girls is a full-on entering series with a complete package of fun and sensational happening. Now if you enjoy hilarious comedy in your free time then nothing would be more fascinating for this show.

But on the contrary, if you love to watch content with some quality in it then this story would also live up to your expectations by portraying the genuine struggles of these characters to cope with their new life and its changes altogether. So, this series is a must-watch from our end for those who are entering their teenage world and for those also who have already had their teenage world in their way.

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