Comparing Board Management Software: How to Choose the Best One?

The reality of ensuring that everyone in the organization is working in sync is an overwhelming endeavor. With the evolution of digital solutions, the expectations for the board to run their business efficiently and effectively have raised its bar. That’s where the board portal comes into play.

The right board management software will help you streamline the administrative work while making board packs accessible to everyone. Keep reading to learn how you can choose the best board meeting management software for your business woes.

What is board management software?

Board meeting management software provides a collaborative and secured platform to store and exchange essential board materials with other team members.

Companies use a board portal that allows team members to collaborate online, share opinions, vote on different matters, and make informed decisions.

Also, the board software comes with a complete suite of tools such as advanced search tools, board document management, board meeting management, and plenty more.

Things to compare while choosing the board software for your business     

Don’t know what goes into the quest of picking the best board portal? Here’s what you need to consider while choosing the best solution:

  • Board management and administration tools
    • Is the solution easy to use?
    • Does it fit the requirements of your business?
  • Collaboration and access
    • What tools does it offer to facilitate secure access and collaboration?
    • What features out of those offered do you need most?
  • Adoption ease
    • What type of training does it provide?
    • What happens to the already existing data once you adopt board software?
  • Support
    • Does the vendor offer good tech and user support?
    • What is the support response time?
    • How does it notify you in case there are new products or services?

Apart from these, consider the security aspect, whether there is any probability of accidental data leaks and if you can place dynamic watermarks on the board materials, or whether the data is end-to-end encrypted or not.

Top 5 board management software providers of 2022

Finding the board meeting management software is often a daunting task, especially with so many vendors in the market.

Well, fortunately, you have stumbled on the right blog post because it does not just help you save search time but covers the top digital solutions that can help your business gain a competitive edge.

1. iDeals

It is a cloud-based solution that gained popularity right after its release in 2008 and became a hit among businesses catering to different industries.

iDeals provides the best and most secure neutral space to the board to store and share business papers with utmost security. The solution offers an intuitive interface; everyone can understand the working process in a short period.

The best part? You can use the solution on any device without having to use plug-ins. Besides, the platform provides industry-leading features and supports more than 25 formats for secure viewing, printing, and downloading.


  • Drag-n-drop functionality
  • 24/7 support
  • Automatic index numbering
  • Integration with Internet Explorer
  • Full-text search tools

2. Intralinks

It is the world’s most advanced virtual boardroom, allowing you to conduct large-scale business deals with ease and speed.

Intralinks employs a highly automated approach that ensures operations are completed accurately and error-free. Also, Intralinks comes packed with rich features and offers all-time expert support.

Since Intralinks uses AI (artificial intelligence), all operations are done under a designed streamline with no interruptions and confusion.


  • Audit reports
  • Drag-n-drop upload
  • M&A workflow
  • AI redaction
  • Multilingual documents index

3. Boardvantage

Boardvantage is a powerful digital solution that caters to the needs of the board of directors. Services offered by Boardvantage are widely recognized in the world market as one of the best tools for board collaboration and company governance.

The platform offers flexible, highly functional, secure, and easy-to-use apps that help enhance the organization’s performance and communication among board members.

With Boardvantage’s meeting management features, the board can create either single or multi-day meetings in a matter of a few clicks. Also, it allows you to add details, attach documents, track the attendance of the participants, etc.


  • After-meeting actions, such as e-signatures, votes, bookmarks, meeting minutes, etc.
  • Agenda tools
  • Offline access
  • Multi-level authentication
  • Reactive customer support

5. Boardmaps

Boardmaps is an award-winning virtual space that provides the board with the right tools they need to maintain the workflow efficiently and effectively.

Also, the platform offers monitoring and tracking tools. This means the board can assign tasks to each member and allot deadlines to the action.

Now, everyone on the board can see and track the workflow, enhancing accountability and transparency within the organization.


  • Annotation tools
  • Advanced search tools
  • Two-factor authentication
  • On-premise and cloud version

6. Diligent Boards

It is a top software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider for GRC (governance, risk, and compliance) with over one million users from more than 25,000 organizations across the globe.

Its board portal is best for the board from nonprofits, private, and public organizations looking to digitally transform and integrate audit, governance, risk, and compliance responsibilities across the company.

Also, the solution allows you to add, edit, and remove files through a centralized document storage space.


  • Voting tools
  • Electronic signatures
  • Approval process management tools
  • Member directory

The takeaway

Do you wish to stay ahead in all the things related to your business, including board management and collaboration? Give board meeting management software a try!

We can recommend Boardvantage for all business types, as it has everything a business needs to get to the top — but of course you should consider all the solutions on the market and make your own informed choice.

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