How to Clear Cache and Data on Hulu for Better Performance

Hulu, owned by The Walt Disney Company with NBCUniversal, is a video-on-demand subscription service at a very reasonable price. The network of Hulu is one of the finest and works in the most streamlined manner.

But there might be a few instances where you will find that the application’s performance has been compromised. You might find the error messages like Hulu error code p-ts207 or Hulu error 94, or the video might not stream properly, and this is where you need to clear cache and data. 

What is Clear Cache and Data

The temporary files that are stored on the computer while accessing the websites to support better browsing in the future are known as the cache. The temporary files and data help to improve the overall performance of the system. But if the files get corrupted or overloaded, then the chances of error increase while performing. This is one of the major reasons that cause unstable performance and video streaming errors on Hulu.

Clearing Cache and Data on Supported Device

Hulu application is supported on a wide range of devices. While clearing the cache from either of them is simple, knowing the exact path can save the user from the exhaustive process. 

Based on the supported devices, the steps to be followed on each to clear the cache and data is listed down here:

Android Devices

If you are using Hulu on android devices like phones or tablets, then the steps to clear cache are quite simple. 

  • First, click on the Settings option and select the Apps option.
  • Search for Hulu and click on Storage
  • You will see Clear Cache and Clear Data option, select it and press OK to complete the process.

Android TV

To clear cache from Android TV, the steps are:

  • First, select the option Settings and go to Applications.
  • Search for Hulu and then select the Clear Cache and Clear Data to clean all temporary files.


If you are using Hulu via the Chrome browser, then:

  • Click on the three dots on the right side top corner of the browser window. 
  • Go to More Tools options and then on Clear browsing data
  • A new window will open, asking you to select the date range for clearing the cache. Select All Time and click on Clear Data to complete.

On Firefox, the steps to be followed are 

  • Click the History and Saved Bookmarks from there, click History
  • Then Clear Recent History
  • Set the time range to Everything and click on OK to complete.

If using Safari, then 

  • Go to the Menu Bar.
  • Select Preferences and click on Privacy
  • Choose the Manage Website Data option and select Remove All to clean the cache.

Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

With the straightforward process, you can easily clean the cache memory. 

  • Go to Settings, then select Applications.
  • Click on Manage Installed Applications
  • Click on Hulu and then select Clear Cache and Clear Data to complete the process.

iPhone and iPad

On these devices, the user can only see the storage information. Still, if the user needs to clear the cache memory, then the Hulu application needs to be deleted and uninstalled.

Apple TV

If you are using the Apple TV, then uninstall and reinstall the Hulu application to clear the cache memory.

Nintendo Switch

Follow the simple steps by 

  • Clicking on the Home menu and selecting the System Settings options.
  • Click on Data Management and select Manage Save Data
  • From there, go to Delete Save Data and select Hulu to confirm for deleting the cache data.

PlayStation 3

To clear the Hulu cache data

  • Go to the Game tab from XMB and scroll to Game Data Utility
  • There go to Hulu and press on the Triangle button. 
  • Select Delete and confirm to clear the cache.

PlayStation 4

The steps are a bit different from the previous one. To clear Hulu cache:

  • Select the Settings menu on the dashboard, and go to storage
  • Navigate to System Storage and then to Saved Data
  • Select Hulu and press on Options, and select Delete to clear.

Xbox 360

For clearing the Hulu cache on this, 

  • First, select the Guide button and go to Settings
  • Select System Settings and move to Storage and then Memory Unit.
  • Look for the Games and Apps option and select Hulu
  • Click on Delete; a pop up will ask to confirm; click Yes to complete.

Xbox One

Follow simple steps starting as follows

  • Go to the Home menu and select My Games and Apps
  • Now select the Apps option and search for Hulu
  • Now point on the Hulu tile, and with your controller, bring up the More Options. 
  • Select Manage App and then clear the Saved data option to complete.


There are no separate guidelines for clearing cache from Chromecast. But the user needs to follow the respective guidelines of the casting device.


One of the finest video-on-demand subscription services, Hulu, is known for its service quality at the most affordable price. While there are instances of error that might occur, ensuring timely clearing of cache and unwanted temporary files will ensure the smooth running of videos for endless entertainment.

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